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D-Monic: A Photographic Retrospective


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After recieving a lot of e-mails asking when the old photo gallery would be put back up on my website, I decided to just put them back up and not bother waiting for the website redesign.

Over 80MB of photo's from parties dating back to '96.

We all looked so young back then...

So, for you old schooler's, go get nostalgic! (and you newbie's can go see what you missed! ;) )

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Still an all-time favourite:

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bwahahaha, oh man. I think that was at Slimelight for Freeland.
Wow, where do you find these pics? And I was sober that night too!!

Im pretty sure that face came out when he dropped freak frequency, and it shall never come out again :p


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Originally posted by D-Monic

Anyone recognize the guy in Yellow? ;)

Hey jonnie nuttin beats the face you made in guelph for new years during our days as youngsters...
post the pic.. i dare ya.. hahaaA..

the guy beside jonnie to the right ( joe ) haven't seen him in along time. HOLY CRAP..!!

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ahhh I remember going to that Intercoerce party-back in December 2000- JELO Dekoze and D-Monic.... what a great night! Who's loft was that anyway...I felt like i was in dwarf land :D


Phat Trick

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Holy memories Batman.
Those were the days. Everything was so fun and carefree...
I almost forgot what it was like.
Thanks for the reminder, Dan!
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