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D:Fuse @ Tonic



drunk..... D:Fuse is the best fucking Dj ever!!!!!!
good times were had by all.... more detailed review coming later..... although I will say that I'm surprised tonic wasn't packed, but I guess that's Toronto for you...
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AMAZING! I had the best time. I rarely go out on a Wednesday but tonight was so worth it. D:FUSE rules. Nice guy too. I had a chance to thank him. Started off a tad funky and then clipped along nicely. Then it got nasty but not too hard. It was perfect for me.


If you saw a guy with glasses in a blue long-sleeved shirt dancing with a smile on his face all night it was me! I can't believe it wasn't busier. He is so good. A 5 hr set would be heaven.

Word to everyone who was there and witnessed quality! So much fun......



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This is the future of house music...

^^^^ whatever track had that vocal fuckin rocked!!!!

D:Fuse is the man.. I really enjoyed this set a lot more than his last one at Tonic.. stupid dwi checkpoint on spadina, no problems but those are unncessary..

yay for work in 5 hours.. time for sleep..


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why wasn't it packed...
i'm not a negative person usually
i put up with a lot of shit
but not from a club that i've gone to for years
i expect a little courtesy and respect.

that's all
i think i'm in a mood tonight

why wasn't it packed
let's see
when a promoter posts on the tribe board...email tonic with this number and you'll get in free, then at the door they tell you that you aren't on guest list for some bullshit reason, you expect them to be a little accomodating
then they tell you it's only $10
then the door girl tells you it's $15, and the chick who told you it was $10 won't do anything for you.

so you pay $15, then you go inside and see the club is empty.
you leave within 2 minutes of walking in and ask for your money back, which at most clubs is no problem
apparently at tonic it's a problem
i just said "forget it" and walked out

i won't be going back to tonic again
i know friends that promote for it, and i know people that know the owners, but i don't care....i shouldn't have to name names to be treated decently.
forget about being given "special" treatment...just being treated nicely would have been okay.

i would recommend NOT going to tonic
mostly because there were about 20-30 people there maximum tonight
and they have no manners.

i'm not a total princess, i know people have to pay cover - i went to limelight afterwards and paid cover, and had fun.
i'm against being treated rudely.
some guy outside tonic asked me if he should go in and i said "hell no"
what did they expect?

bouurns, karma's a bitch.


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Tonic Nightclub

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Hi Starr

I don't know what happen. Can you please call me or send me a e-mail to see which guest-list you were on. I need more information about this. We don't like having people feel the way you do.
So please call.

Jimmy Lightning
Tonic Nightclub
117 Peter St.
Toronto, Canada.
416-204-9200 tel


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note to self:
do not post when drunk

sorry, not that i feel differently about tonic
but it's my own thing....

i'm sure D:Fuse kicked ass
hope everyone had a good time


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Suke:
What's the 411 on his moonshine mixed cd? Any good?</font>

He's got three disks out on Moonshine. Psychotrance 2000, 2001, and progressive mix session 1.0.
Of those three I'd have top say 2001 is my fave.

He's also got a two disk compilation coming out on Perfecto some time early in the new year.
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