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D:Fuse @ Tonic!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh shit!



Hot diggity Dog!!!!!!!

That was so damn good! It had been 1 year and 10 days since I've seen D:Fuse and he was better than I remember!
His first couple of tracks were a little on the house tip, but then he kicked, and kicked it hard!
I couldn't stop dancing.... it was off the hook.
his mixing was absolutely flawless. I didn't even here a mix go off for so much as one beat.
If I could sum up his set in one word it would have to be.... PERFECT!
Such a great guy to... I'm so happy for him that he's getting so much recognition for being such a wicked DJ. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

respect to all the peeps that made it out, fom the board and not from the board. You helped make this a wicked night! Ricky, Lisa, Che, Nick, Andre, Keith and the rest of the Phlux crew.

P.S.... I like beer.


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i don't like beer.... i LOVE beer! made it home safe, D:Fuse fuckin rocked.... i think i have a hangover already and i'm still awake. blah... g'nite, amazing review to come in the morning

malicious motive

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damn!....i was planning on coming..i was even already half dressed...and then my friends bailed out on me...fuck!!!...i knew it would've been a real good party!!


Temper Tantrum

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what a perfect set.
Still haven't slept (Damn friends making sure my last night out last 48 hours
). Have too drive a bunch of the crew home

More thoughts later.

t. tAnTrUm


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awesome night. starting off with limelight madness. then headed over to tonic at 1-1:30.
only caught about an hour and a half but he was wicked. and a super nice guy too.

nice meeting all you tribe peeps
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Metal Morphosis

TRIBE Member
fun fun fun.
wicked set.
lots of energy and enthusiasm.
D:Fuse is super.

nice to see the party people.
Keith - glad you made it home safely
Allie - have fun in Africa. i'm sooo jealous.
Steve - i'll see you tonight at the Guv.
that trip to Ibiza is MINE.

i love being on permanent vacation.



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D:FUSE rock the dance floor!!!

respects to thoughs who made it out for this one:
Trish, Bob, Keith - (phlux crew nice to meet you guys, will keep in touch)
Evan - (yes I agree "I love beer too")
Lisa - (nice chating with you and I can't wait for Digweed next week, road trip ya baby!!!)
Nick, Andre - (good seeing you out and about, it's been a while since I last so you guys)
Temper Tantrum - (saw you on the way out, but it was very nice meeting you, I'm sure will cross paths some time soon)

...and anyone else I forgot.


OLM from HOM

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D:Fuse was aight, but I have to give respects to Manzone & Strong, and Evil P. These guys are proof that Toronto's got some SERIOUS talent!



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wow that was an amazing night..it was great seeing dustin spin his magic again , since miami...it was really cool seeing all of la familia again too.

i am already getting excited about d:fuse again in a couple months...he just may pay a special visit along with a european dj/producer that EVERYONE is wanting to see again....

there will be snowflakes in people's eyes, as well as a SUPER SPECIAL surprise!

peace and respect,

sonic state


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a week later...

This night was a great night out, I had been anticipating this night since I first heard it announced and wasn't going to miss it. Got there early and it was very strange seeing a club practically empty, but it filled up quick. Was my first time in Tonic and definately a nice club. Whoever spun before D:Fuse was great, great tunes while we drank heavily. D:Fuse took to the decks, put his cowboy hat on and it was two hours of tunes ranging from progressive to some hard trance. It's great when the dj appears to be having as good of a time as everyone else... For Those Who Know, D:Fuse is a wicked dj from the U.S. who proved he has more skills than some european dj's everyone worships.
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I've been going on about him for well over a year now. I'm glad people are finally starting to realize how good he is.