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D-funk and old school rap classics(Thursdays)


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Whats up Funkateer!?

I just wanted to let you know you can tune into http://www.innacityfm.com/ for some choice downfunk and old school rap classics this Thursday Nov. 24 from 5-7 PM GMT (UK time which ='s 12-2 PM Eastern Time/ 1-3 PM Atlantic time/ 9-11 AM Pacific time).

This should be a weekly thing. Tomorrow I will be playing tracks from Wicked Lester, Fort Knox Five, Krafty & A-Skillz, Freq Nasty, Tim Love Lee, Touche, Rogue Element, Bronx Dogs, Skeewiff, and a whole bunch of positive hiphop with a smattering of gangsta shit (gotta keep it real ;)

You might have some trouble listening from a Mac, but I will try and find out the deal tomorrow and give details for next week.

Throw your hands in the air for clean underwear and everybody say oh yeah!


Mike Jager Mathers


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This is my new weekly radio slot. Innacity is pretty dope so check them out even if you can’t listen tomorrow. This week I am pumping out the funky hip hop with some old school funk classics and might even get into some breaks. Will also be playing some of Wicked Lester’s new tracks that are extremely dope. Hearing me ramble on the mic is worth a listen because of the fact that I just don’t know how to shut up.

So get on into http://www.innacityfm.com/ and give me a shout through the chat server, hilarity and possible lawsuits will ensue (if I get drunk enough).



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My weekly radio slot at InnacityFM is back from hiatus. Got some serious old school rap and funk to lay down warming it up for the obscene Thursday sessions on Innacity.

The 2 shows after mine are hardcore funky breaks (1st DKS with my boy Zed the lady killa MC followed by Andy D and Merkka).

Check it: Thursday, 5-7 PM GMT
(12-2 pm Eastern, 9-11am on the left coast)

D-FUNKED BABEE with Mike Jager Mathers

Downfunk to get you up!




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Bump bump

Got some new all good funk alliance to throw down this week along with the usual classic rap tracks and party rockers.

Whoop there it is :rolleyes:
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