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D&D Online


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My brother who is a die hard WoW player (and I mean die-hard... 8 hours a day pretty much non stop since the beta... the guy needs rehab... but that's a different story), says that Dungeons & Dragons Online is the best thing sice sliced bread... or at least since WoW. He played the beta 24 hours straight or something stupid like that while I was away.

I'm afraid to go near this, seeing as how the last MMO I played ate up 6 months of my life... but this sounds really tempting....
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Played the first round of free beta last month.

Horrible UI and non-intuitive controls (yes, I'm aware of customization - it's the underlying structure I have a problem with; e.g. Mouse Look vs Mouse Pointer, erratic camera).

Combat is a horrid hard-to-follow mess. Limited # of races/classes. No crafting (the best part of being a mage in DnD was making custom spells, scrolls, potions and wands). No PvP. You're literally obligated to group after the tutorial, it's impossible to solo if you're not a combat/melee-oriented class. No RPGing at all - all quests are your average "go kill stuff and get the thingey" fare. Exclusively instanced dungeons (no stumbling across competing adventuring parties mid-dungeon - which goes back to no PvP). No exploration/travel (you teleport to the dungeon from the quest-giver). Quirky stuff like unreasonable restrictions on trading with other players, mana points instead of spell memorization, you can only rest once in a dungeon and only at a designated rest point, yadda yadda yadda.

All in all, after 3-4 hours, I was throughly unimpressed, especially after having such high hopes. Ah wells.


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Hah weird... my brother couldn't shut up about how good he thinks this is... and he's usually pretty tough on new games.

He did mention that it's more like Guild Wars than WoW... and instance dungeons are a good thing for the most part. Anyone who says otherwise obviously has never played EverQuest :)
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I've heard tons about this game through the grape vine.

Im an olllllld school Dungeons and Dragons head (AD&D 2e anyone?) and from the sounds of it- they are doing a pretty good job at capturing the feel of the game.

My friend has been part of the beta since it started and the number of changes to the game over a short period of time sounds encouraging. Should the game become succsessfull I imagine it will get better fast.