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d&B, jungle for under 19s


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hey does anyone know where i can go to a d&B club that isnt 19+?

I dont really know anything
so any reply would be appreciated

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spAce cAdette

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Unfortunately for people like you and me, THEY DO NOT EXIST.

You can pretty much count on one hand the number of events you'll be hitting up between now and that long awaited birthday.

It's frustrating for me because it seems as though I'm expected to just disengage myself from the jungle community and then jump back in sometime in the future without having missed a beat.


Nebu kad

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other than pseudo raves, under 19's are fucked for events. sucks for you guys. what about the old get an id with a pic that looks similar you?

If you guys were really on top of your shit, you'd start throwing proper all ages drum n bass jams, cause that's probably the only time parties would exist for you.
I feel sorry for non-punk-ass teens who love drum n bass.


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my guesses on why all age events are gone:

1) cost of police
2) venues are hard to find at a decent price, whereas 19+ bars/clubs are cheap and easy to find
3) the people doing the events have grown too old to want to do all ages events as much as they used to (note: under age people will have to start doing their own events i think)
4) there is no where to advertise these events
5) people over 19 generally don't like going to places that make them feel old.

my two cents on why these events are gone.

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^^^Thanks for the plug, also don't forget Empire's Droppin Beats Special with Bad Company January 4th 2002...Kickin' off the new year propa!

evil homer

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odd little thing, saw this on the cover of a tv guide type magazine that comes with your newspaper when i was london this summer past.

All the rage in london (possibly whole UK) is under 18 clubs. Here in TO I know they are supercheesy, but there it attracts some wicked talent (admittedly in the Garage style). You get id'd at the door b/c too many over 18's where sneaking in to hear the dj's and mc's.

Andrew Mack

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I thought body-roc was only all-ages in the summer and was 19+ throughout the rest of the year. I could be wrong though.

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