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Czech @ the Rev in K/W

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by pb4ugo2bed, Nov 19, 2000.

  1. pb4ugo2bed

    pb4ugo2bed TRIBE Member


    I'm so happy that some wikkid talent has finally come to K/W and the tri-city area!! I was spoiled this week!! Caught czech on wed @ boo radleys and tonite @ revolution!

    Got there around 1 or so....No way there could have been a line up right??....right??Unfortunately there was....but it wasn't too bad..20 mins and we were in. I was kinda afraid that i missed his set but once i got in and heard the familar break beat i was ready to tear it up!!! There was a good mix in the crowd....most of the party kids were up in front of the dj booth and what was left of the bar stars were at the back. I saw the funniest thing!!! Some guy was giving czech a light show!! [​IMG] Anyways it was a good set! He busted out the "Sweet dreams" remix!! It was kinda weird hearing it again later on in the nite though. I really enjoyed "kung fu fighting" track so much fun to dance to!! I wasn't gonna go tonite but i'm glad i did!! What can be better than czech for 6 bucks?? Overall it was a good nite!!....except for the guy who thought it'd be a good idea to break open a glow stick and spray it around on everyone...he was promptly beat up though.
  2. noah

    noah New Member

    It was nice to see some breaks in K/W for a change
    Thinking like most other people that there wouldn't be a line-up ...
    When I got there around 12 I was quite surprised
    I had never seen a line up that big at the Rev before
    And to top it all off, secuirty just didn't know how to handle that many people
    But after 45 minutes of waiting, I finally got inside and it was all good
    Czech wasn't on yet so I went into the Purple Room and caught a couple minutes of Nintin's (I think) set
    It was pretty good, some phunky house
    Then Czech came out and blew me away
    I nice funky breaks set with some nice little treats
    Although I didn't like that remix of Original Nuttah that much
    Except for the over whelming number of gross people there, who tried to give me light shows
    And even grosser girls trying to pick me up
    The night was pretty good
    Did some dancing, chilled with some friends, it was all good

  3. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    I haven't seen Czech in a long time, so seeing him in K/W was phat. I got there at like 11:30, and I waited in line forever. That was the only bad part of it. There was room at the front, and I kept myself stationed there all night. Czech played an aight set, with some repeats, and some screwups, but all in all, he played like I remembered him, and that made me happy. It's nice to know I can see some good talent with only a short drive away [​IMG]

    We are becoming spoiled, very slowly spoiled.

  4. Kid_Korrupt

    Kid_Korrupt TRIBE Member

    Ya definately a wicked night. I haven't danced that hard in a long time! The line up sucked, but the dj playing outside made it bearable. I hope somebody realizes how much support there is for breaks and we get a few more breaks nights in K-W.
  5. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy TRIBE Member

    I had a pretty nice time at rev. Showed up at 1:25 and boy I was glad matlock had given me that VIP card a year or 2 ago (I knew I would use it someday). By the time I got in the place, coat check lines suck, czech was on the decks. He spun a alright set, some mess-ups, but I was just glad to hear some breaks.

    There was a surprising amount of breakers out to see him. What I'm wondering is, wear the fuk were all the breakers last year when I brought the electrican, d-monic and green olive down? oh well you better come out this year hintjanuaryhint

    Vital & low kee productions

    oh did any one hear the supper sharp shooters track? It may be because I have been stuck in waterloo to long, but is that new?
  6. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    When was this party Bad Boy?? I don't ever remember a breaks party in this region with that lineup. I may have a bad memory tho. Was it a 19+event?? That's maybe why I don't remember it.

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Am I the only one who thought czech sucked "cock" last night?

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Czech, he's one of my favourite dj's, but he seemed like he had a little bit too mucc to drink or some shit last night. He spun that sweet dreams track twice, and a couple of other ones twice.
    His "mixing" was off like all night, yet I'd look around the room and see all these mangled retards just goin off like it was the best shit they'd ever heard.
    I just couldn't get into it at all. When the whole room went off twice to the same track I couldn't help but think Czech didn't give a fuck what he played cause he knew everyone was gonna go crazy anyways.
    Take these peoples breaks away from them, they don't deserve it.

    sweetbabu: The party was in waterloo last year sometime, I just remember waking out of a drug induced stupor and crawling down the street to the party at 4 in the morning and havinga great time.
  8. lexsracy

    lexsracy TRIBE Member

    yeah that party was called keeping it real right? i remember that...Mr. Clean was there! [​IMG]
    wish i could have made it down to mad bar to see czech tonite in a more "breaky" environment and it would probably be better than the rev was?!?!
    oh well it was nice hearing breaks in the main room at rev---picture all those retards that were in front of us in line complaing how cold they were and wanted to drink and then realizing that they couldnt hear there top 40 shit haha
    c u later guys
  9. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    Well, I don't think that anyone thought he played an overly amazing set. I really appreciate hearing breaks especially if it's in the area, so any breaks is good enuf for me. I admit tho, half those people were quite drunk and they'd bash into me like all nite. They wouldn't have cared if he was playin good stuff, or if some 'cd' dj was playin Venga Boys. I wasn't expectin a thrillin experience, cuz well it's the rev.

  10. Brandon

    Brandon TRIBE Member

    The Rev is such a hole...albeit a really big hole. It's too bad that that's one of the only places to go in Waterloo if you want to hear something half decent. The good music is wasted on the barstars anyway. I remember about a year and a half ago there was this thing with Kenny Glasgow and some other tech-house DJs in the main room, and I was waiting in line, and the people in front of me were like, "what's this crap, I like my music with words." It's too bad the Purple Room doesn't have its own separate entrance and the main room doesn't have its own bathroom facilities.
  11. noah

    noah New Member

    Those go-go dancers made me bust a nut!
    I couldn't stop laughing at them
    They were so funny

  12. Brandon

    Brandon TRIBE Member

    Were they humping behind a backlit screen again? I almost died the last time I saw that.
  13. lexsracy

    lexsracy TRIBE Member

    hahah...the chick in the middle was awful..she couldnt dance to the beat and looked all funny trying to dance to it..

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