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dj x

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With the beginning of the night starting off on the wrong foot, I was all in a blah mood cuz of Dmonic's new night ending so early.

However, Czech made my night for sure tonite as he did for others aswell I assume!

He definitely rocked MadBar, tune after tune after tune. wOOp had a blast.

hi hi to everyone out tonite and partying it up with me and the 2 spanish guys



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You can't beat fun in the hip hop room followed by Czech

The intimacy in combination with Czech's "tune after tune after tune" insanity was incredible.

Hi to everyone who found a pass hehe.


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I didnt know which thread to post this on...so i decided to post on both...haha..hows that for diplomacy!

Well I got to LoveSexy and found it quite alive..and quite the nice place too!! The music was good, the ladies were better (sorry Dan
) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves...then of course the unfortunate happens, and out we are...we first decided to go home, but then decided afterwards that perhaps we *should* check it out...
and oh was I FUCKING glad i did..!@

Of course, most of you know who joined the party at the MadBar...and of course Mr Czech was at his FABULOUS best...my oh my i was groovin...The old-skool hip-hop was just what the doctor ordered, and it was delivered! It seemed the lot of the LoveSexy refugees ended up at MadBar afterwards, and it seemed like the place just got overun!

It was great seein everyone again (like it always is
)...and ive been listening to FAR to much breaks!


PS- and Jen...were doing it now!!!


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Well I was really itch'n to get fuck'en wasted on Saturday and was pretty disappointed when the LCBO of all people shut down Love Sexxy. We were all outside trying to figure out what to do when I saw my boy Jeff Chow at Madbar. Told him the situation and he gave me about 20 free passes. I passed'em around and a whole pile of us went to Madbar. Once inside we were treated not like strangers, or intruders but like anybody else if not better. The drink tix were flow'n and the bar staff showed us Madlove. Props to them. It was a pleasant surprise to see Czech (but not too surprising since Czech is down with the Madbar crew). He threw down a solid set, perfect for the initimate and fully wasted crowd that was there. Wicked night.

Morale of the story...

When on a mission to get wasted, don't let the man get you down, cuz when you really want to, you can have fun anywhere.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Libradragon:
Deep thoughts by Chuckery....</font>
You're just jealous cuz you don't know how to have fun anymore.