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We didn't actually make it there last night so we are just lookin for some reviews...Did Czech kick some serious ass or what? We heard that the renovations were sweet...is that true?
Come on people fill us in!!

Well to tell ya the truth last night was much more than I expected.
The crowd was ROCKING!!!
Everybody seemed to love the new renovations.
Both rooms were packed by midnight.
Everybody that spun tore shit up!

I just wanna thank everybody that came out and supported us, I had an amazing time and it wouldn't have been so true if it wasn't for all those that put on thier dancin' shoes last night.

And Czech sure knows how to pound them back!! My God that boy can drink!!!
All work and no beer make chucky go crazy. My official condolences for having to pick upo his as always fucking huge tab.
Ya Unfortunatly I didn't make it either. When the next party? I hear that Fever feels like a whole new club.
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i would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the poor fool that passed out at the table beside my friends and i...we accidentely tied his shoe laces to the stool he was sitting on and then got the bouncer to kick him out...he looked quite the fool...

oh, that was also the highlight of the night...

^^^^^ bwahahahaha! OMG! u are hilarious craig! That is so something u guys would do! And that's why i love u guyz.