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Czech at Rev.....oh ya Mark Oliver too.


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An Extra 10 bucks and a thrusday of nothing to do in K-town landed my ass @ the Rev. As expected there wasn't that many ppl there which was good cuz the purple room tends to get cancerously hot! I got to the rev at around 12 or so after 10 mins of the security guy trying to get my license to swipe I was in. I caught 15 seconds of dekoze as i ventured towards the back in search of the familiar breakbeat. And there was the man himself Czech!! I sorta got sick of him after spending many thursdays at wet bar for 4 months...but i guess ya don't know what ya had b4 it's gone. Wikkid wikkid set!! He had everyone one in the place bumpin!!! Was kinda nice to hear "Lovely Day" nice chill track. Beer and breaks @ the rev!! can't think of a better way to spend a evening in K/W. Caught i bit of mark oliver's set...it was alright. Stayed for Robb G....losta energy that guy!! Was kinda in the mood for funky breaks though so i left.

That's my 2 cents.

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Czech played the best set here that I've heard him play in the last 3 years.
Hooray for no smoke, I didn't think I could dance that long anymore

That Max Romeo track was sweet