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Evil Dynovac

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HAHAHA!!! The end of an era! If you have that pic saved on your computer (faggot) then you should keep it because it may end up worth something one day.
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Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by Aero
Welp, I guess I know now that the word g.o.a.t.s.e is being filtered...
Too many tribers ended up on the receiving end of clever sneak attacks.

I will always find it funny. Not so much the man himself, or the acts that he chooses to engage in, but people's reactions to it.


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What's funniest is at the end of the article, where it says there's already a petition online to have the domain reinstated.

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Based on provision (5), it appears that the complaint has as much to do with the practice of hiding links to the site in internet discussions, newsgroups, and the like as with the actual content of the site.

Ya think?!!

:D :D :D
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