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Cuba Libre!!!!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by BigBadBaldy, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Ok, since I just got a WHOPPING bunch of money I wasn't expecting, I've decided to treat myself to a last-minute vacation. I am considering Cuba, as I have heard good things from people about it.

    So, I'm going to check out a few places today, but was also curious to get any feedback, tips, suggestions about where to stay, go, book a cheap last minute vacation etc.. I know mingster has been recently, and I seem to remember a few others mentioning Cuba.

    Anyway, any suggestions (even whatever Keith has to say :p ) are welcome..


    Needs a fucking tan, and some sex with drunken tourists from Belgium.
  2. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Take me with you!
  3. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    Check the Travel sections of the Saturday Star and the Sunday Sun. They have all the sell-offs in there.

    If you really want a good deal, don't be picky as to WHERE you go. I've been to both Dominican Republic and Cuba and both were great. In the end, the only important things are:

    1. All Inclusive
    2. Sunny warm beach
    3. All Inclusive

    but again, your best bet is to first check the Saturday Star this weekend when they have all their latest sell-off deals listed.

    Another good tip is before you start making calls, go to your nearest travel agent and ask for all the various "books" for the destinations that list all the different resorts (i.e. Sunquest, Carnival etc.). They're free and they will be VERY valuable when you do call to book a vacation because when you're talking to the guy on the phone and they tell you what they have, you can look it up instantly and see what the resort is like.

    P.S. Don't take anything that is less than 3 stars. It may cost you $100 more but it's really worth it.
  4. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    Varadero, go to the havana club when you're there it's $10 US and all you can drink.... there are other clubs but they really suck.... they were dead when I was there and I had some old Irish lady hitting on me.....

    Make a point of visiting Havana, it's a wonderful city full of history, you can take a tour on the back of a bicycle for like $2 US, and make sure to visit the Partega's factory for cigars... be weary of everyone though, little kids will want your hat, shirt etc... so bring lots of gum and toiletries to give to locals you meet...

    note: everyone will claim they're poor and they are....but those who talk to you speak very good english and know how to make a buck... give to those that help you not those that want to sell you half assed merchandise such as cigars... hold out for a deal when buying souveniers, you see the same things over and over so don't worry about missing out....

    Varadero has a wickked beach and a fun international nightlife, I met lots of Germans, Swiss and Italians when I was there...

    another spot worth checking if you want something more relaxed is the Mayan Riviera... best hotspot I've been to.

  5. doodlebug

    doodlebug TRIBE Member

    Yes, as well as Havana Club, most clubs in Varadero have a cover charge of 10$ U.S and once you're in, all your drinks are included.
    And try and go to a hotel that is 4+ too. So far, the best one I have heard of is LTI Bella Costa - it's really close to La Rumba and Havana Club - and close to the actual town of Varadero (although there really isn't too much to see there)
    The only thing with La Rumba is that there is a traditional Cuban show before they start playing music - and be prepared to hear a lot of cha cha cha and salsa! Cubans LOVE their music and thier dancing!
    Varadero is SUPER safe and you won't have to worry about anyone harrassing you. HOnestly, I felt more threatened by the aggressive Italian tourists than I did by anyone else. But you're a guy so this doesn't matter....

    But most of all - HAVE FUN and enjoy the warmth and friendlyness that is Cuba!

  6. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    I jus got back from Varadero last month. I stayed at Barcelo Solymar. Its the newest resort in Varadero and its fuck'en dope! Its in the perfect location and really good services. I would definitely recommend going 4+. Go to http://selloffvacations.com. By far the cheapest place to go get a last minute deal.

  7. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    why not just spend the money on lots of tequila and a giant foam sombrero. same difference
  8. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    that sounds pretty Mexican Deep....But fun none the less..

    I think a Beret, a Cigar and a bottle of Rum might better resmeble the mood of Cuba..

  9. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    they're all the same anyways. besides, a giant sombrero is way cooler than a beret. case in point, french people wear berets.
  10. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    are you being sarcastic?
  11. doodlebug

    doodlebug TRIBE Member

    Che wore a beret too!
  12. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Good call, Nat.
    Yay for Cuba!!
  13. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    Agreed, LOL!

  14. deep

    deep TRIBE Member


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