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CSIS Say's Al Qaeda to go "BAM!" on Canada

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What substantial piece of evidence lends credibility to the concern this has raised in the press and government?


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my guess is that they simply did an "analysis" of trends - which results in this report.

As for why its raised in gov't., i think it's part of the annual report or something.

Why in the press? to keep idiotic voters in panic and to sure up support for the recent budget. Well timed with a visit to afghanistan.

this govt. is so amatuer!

its laughable!

judge wopner

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i cant find the details of the report , and like most things with spooks such as the CIA and CSIS or MI6, they basically come forward every once in a while to say "believe me sir, big emergency, islamic terror groups may target us...we cant tell you exactly what we know but believe me, its probable an attack may happen"

this tends to draw 2 distinct reactions:

1. fear, usually by people who are generally suspect of arabs and muslims int he first place, kind of like how people assume the "sports bar" crammed with old italian guys playing cards all day has mob affilitations.

they dont need details, only acknowledgment from an "official" source that it could happen. i hear these people sitting around their semi detached cul de sac homes saying "i hate going downtown, i dont even want to take the subway anymore"

2. the contrarian, ( no offense to you atp or hamza as i consider you smart dudes,) assumes without hard evidence its fear mongering and bullshit becase canada is such a friendly place or assumes otehr terrorism that occured in spain/Uk etc was the result of something specific to their nation and would never involve us.

but even a passive analysis of the trends of terrorism/islamic extremism shows that nations who have aligned themselves with the US and their "war on terror" have been targeted at some point.

Austrailia and the bali bombings
Spain and the train bombing,
US and 9/11 among others
UK and the tube bombings.

Canada and Italy are the biggest players to not have been victums of similar events, despite our heavy involvment in afghanistan, being called out by mr. binladen as a nation to be targeted and widespread knowledge that extremist groups at some point have operated on our soil. im just not sure if they continue to do so in some form or another.

the problem is, even acknowledging this causes some to assume its fear mongering. we dont have hard evidence i agree, and to be honest i dont personally feel fearful of any such event. but that doesnt mean we should ignore any potential warning signs.

im sure the UK thought they would not be vicutms of the tube bombings, does that mean one should abandon its investigations into criminal networks, terrorist organizations?

it also doenst mean you foster fear and paranoia, or become weary of traveling downtown. shit im scared of flying because of wind shear, not terrorism, but i still fly because i know its such a miniscule chance of occuring fatally, yet planes have gone down becuase of it, and newer piolots must learn from those past mistakes how ever rare they may be.

i too find the warning offered by CSIS to be lacking substance, and i wish we had more detail, but its difficult to deal with the harsh reality that terorism on a grand scale has happened in so many other states no worse or better than us policy wise, why are we immune? just because it hasnt happened yet?

we are due for a more detailed analysis of what these guys are seeing that the rest of us cant, though i admit that is easier said than done.
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Ditto Much

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I expect to see the Netherlands get hit first, involvement in Nigeria and Iraq along with a long history of exploitation.

But thats just me, when the Netherlands takes a hit I'll start considering Canada a target. But beyond this I just don't think its worth the time effort or cost of attempting to do anything about it.
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Boss Hog

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But we need to stay and fight in Afghanistan!!

Well the sooner the attack the sooner Mackay and Harper will have more reason to expand military operations. They sure seem to be enjoying it so far.


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Monday's front page: Terrorists Working with Gangs
Monday's internal: Ottawa considering special terror trials (read as: extra- or parallel judicial system for terrorists, aka PATRIOT Act)
Today's front page: Another Spy Agency?

So now our Public Safety Minister (read as: Canada's soon-to-be version of the Department of Homeland Security) Stockwell Day is saying we need a new foreign intelligence service, to specifically target Al Queda and international terrorists, or at least expand the CSIS mandate by a great deal. They're saying money is not an issue, and they're willing to delegate tens of millions of dollars for it.


I can't believe what I'm reading. I can't believe what's happening to my country. I can't believe these "Condition Orange" US-emulated fear tactics are making it to the front page. We're dropping federal social programs left and right, offering huge corporate tax cuts to "stimulate" the business sector and diverting funds away from environmental programs in order to pay for a huge "terrawrist" boogey men foxhunt. SAVE US, BILL HICKS, SAAAVE USSSS!!!!

I've only really been reading print and online journalism, I don't watch TV news; is the mood the same on shows like "The National"?

If we as Canadians love our distinction from our neighbours to the South, then why are we allowing the minority government take the same steps that the US did near the turn of the century? Why are we letting this happen? One third of the population is such a small slice, how is it possible that such huge changes are occurring in such a short time?

I wish my new MP wasn't NDP, so I would write a letter.... there's no point, I'd be preaching to the converted... and they're already trying to make waves and getting laughed at in the House. No one else besides NDPer's listens to those hippies with mustaches.


judge wopner

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i agree about this code orange stuff.
theres a child missing and suddenly its code orange all over the news, high way signs non stop. once they find the child it then dominates the news for 24 hours afterwards as if to justify how great gettting everyone in a constant state of alertness is great.

eventually we will be in a perpetual state of alert and it will mean nothing accept elevated blood presure.


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You're thinking of "Amber Alert". ;) Named after a child called Amanda who was abducted a few years back.

But yes, same difference. Fear mongering and paranoia induction.
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