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CSC-Space Boogie


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the party was held at the Docks, which I suppose has become the new Warehouse...I think the company was expecting more people to show....oh well... they did their best and hopefully their next party do better...they DJ's and such all preformed well...although there seemed to be some sort of mess involving the hip-hop DJ's, who I am not sure if they eventually showed....good luck with your next event...

Don DaDa

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Space Boogie

Arrived at 11 and when I got there the party was hype but I am disapointed to say that I wasn't too pleased with the bouncers. I got up on stage with my friend and everything was cool, I went back down to find one of my other friends and when I went back up to get on stage I was told I wasn't allowed. Then went over to the side that I got up on before and was let up. The woman bouncer that told me I couldn't go up there saw me and kicked me out...........I was like WTF! the other bouncer let me up there at least have the respect to tell me to get off you don't have to kick me out of the damn party! I was only there about 2 hrs and had to stand out in the rain waiting for my ride. I wasn't doing anything wrong.........Some one should deal with this I can't beleive how dumb some people can be. Respect to the DJ's I was able to see other than that, what can I say, I was pissed!


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The drum and bass crowd was really hype and plentiful (lots of little folks), but the breaks/house room was so sad they closed it down at 1-30am...
i was pretty much just interested in seeing Nigel Richards for the first time in my life and it was crushed...

i went back and forth between the rooms till 2am PDS, Marcus, and Darren Jay rocked it for real, that ish is good! Lots of anthems etc.

John E (and whoever preceeded him) tried to play his best for the 10 people that were there (back room) and the most priceless moment...watching Addy enter the room with his gear and walking out 10 min later never to return...

the main room was great/the back room was a disappointment...

i'm just glad i found some $$ on the floor to compensate for my ticket price...lol

peace to Star mah girl who was my little junglist massive partner for the night!!

ps-i got picked up by some young dood too...rock da casbah!!