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Crystal Method & Uberzone

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Gunark, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    An interesting change from the club & DJ thing...

    First off I have to admit that I have mixed feeling about Crystal Method's new album, so I wasn't really digging a lot of the stuff they played. Too noisy and lacking in funk... more "rockish" I guess.

    Their older tracks however still sounded fresh. They got the somewhat chilled out crowd going nuts near the end with Busy Child.

    Uberzone was the real surprise for me. I didn't even know he was going to show up. I'm glad he did. The crowd didn't seem too entertained but I sure as hell was. Nicely done!

    My Brilliant Beast was used as filler in between Uberzone and Crystal Method, and I think they did a pretty decent job. They sounded a bit inexperienced, but also promising if -- they could make things sound a bit more coherent.

    If I don't sound too excited, the truth is I'm not. I expected more and I'm a bit disappointed -- especially with the Crystal Method. I kept waiting for them to play something that would blow me away, but that moment never came. Instead the highlight for me was Uberzone, and things never really picked up from there.

  2. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    Nuff said, Uberzone stole the show!
    I was kind of disappointed with Crystal Method aswell, I expected way more but I did enjoy it. I guess their new album isn't dancefloor orientated. At least they played ",Keep Hope Alive." Would've been nice to hear "Now Is The Time," tho.
    Nice to see some people there, fun times with the ape getting busted for rolling a J haha! There were some damn FIIIIIIIIINE women!! wOOp wOOp for the blonde with the braids! haha.

    Shawn (CC) ---> Wanna apologise for walking RIGHT by you at the warehouse. I caught you with the corner of my eye as I was hurrying by. I felt stupid turning around of all of sudden *L* so yeah. Just didn't want to be rude [​IMG]


    P.S. Did anyone get any flyers? [​IMG]
  3. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    yes the ladies were damn nice. the one with the blonde braids was like 5'8" and about 80 lbs. not my thing. i kept wanting to buy her a sandwitch. but purhaps we're talking about different people.

    as for walking by me, i noticed you a bunch of times, but i didn't want to go running over to chat. besides, i was really stoned so i wouldn't have been much for conversation. we'll chat next time out i guess.

    and what's with all the disappointment with cystal method?! that's bull shit. they were wicked. but i might have a different take because i'm a skid at heart and i love that dark electronic heavy metal stuff. but you must admit that the new tune that they played with that guy from TO on the keyboards was nothing short of amazing. i thought they put on a great show. the music was all over the board, and it was exactly what i was looking for.

    if it wasn't your thing, i can understand, but they touched on so many of my music loves, and i was thoroughly impressed.

    beautiful stage set up too. very nice lighting and sound.

    and how impressive does kool haus look now?! such an improvement from the old warehouse days. as sentimental as some of us may be of the old warehouse feel, the renovations make it a very pleasant experience.

  4. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    I had such a great time last night, at 6:30pm my friend mari and i decided to go and off we went, made it to toronto from buffalo in under an hour, pedal to the floor the whole way.. the guys who opened and played between sets were really good. I don't understand how people think Uberzone stole the show, it was awesome music but all he did was press play on what was probably a DAT which had pre-recorded music and he just banged on some drums over top of it, not very "live" if ya ask me, still good though. We really enjoyed Crystal Method, that was the reason to go and they didn't disappoint at all.. wish they could've played for longer, but it was great hearing the music performed live (for the most part). Live acts are definately enjoyable and I'd love to see more of them at parties.. and I think if Hibernate had played last night those guys would've stole the show! [​IMG]

    (and no i'm not involved with them, just think they're really good)
  5. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    I didn't realize my brilliant beast played as well!! [​IMG]

    <---can't wait to stop working weeknights!
  6. justin surdit

    justin surdit TRIBE Member

    true enough, but the same could be said of the crystal method - they hit the synths hard (damn, some of the best tones i have ever heard), but they weren't tweaking their beats at all - they just hit play, and then rocked the keyboards (nice jimi hendrix touch with the behind the head action i must say) - in a perfect world, Q would join up with the method, do their drums live, and with their keyboard prowess added to his live drumming, we would have quite the force to be reckoned with. All in all much respect to all of the acts who played last night - and the older chap who was going off to the plumps remix of funny break, over my my brilliant beast's performance area - he freakin rokked!!!!! Great time last night - would do it again in a heartbeat.
  7. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    on a side note who were the djs that played? 'cause they sucked!!!!!!! i heard two complete train wrecks just before crystal method went on. and the tunes were the least inspiring that i've ever heard. every tune was flat, with no attitude or feel at all. it's not a good sign when you have a breaks dj on and the whole crowd stands around talking, and NO ONE dances. i almost fell asleep standing up.

  8. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    I had a good time last night. Though I gotta say, getting my crew to a licensed event at 9:00pm is nothing but trouble.

    As for the acts.

    1. Uberzone was dope. Good to hear those beats on a loud system but its true, it was totally a DAT being used with him bang'n away on a drum pad. How else would be totally in sync with the video projections? And it was good to hear Botz. I haven't heard that track in years.

    2. Crytsal Method was good too. Though I was completely shit faced by the time they got on. I made it to the front for the end of their set and it definitely sounded good up there.

    3. The other guys. I don't know who they were but they were a joke. Absolutely no skills at all. One guy was pretending to do something but he was doing absolutely jack all. The main DJ was using a CD and the other guy was turning knobs to a board that probably wasn't hooked in.

    All round, I had a good time cuz its always good to hear breaks/big beat on a loud system. Oh and the crowd was pretty interesting as well and the Kool Haus definitely looks way better, though I wish they would've killed the house lights to darken the room a little more.

    anyways back to sleeping at my desk.

  9. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    if i'm not mistaken, uber zone had someone that was behind the screen that was playing the background music. i couldn't tell what type of gear he was on, but he was taking care of both the audio and visual stuff from what i could gather. it was tricky to see him, because he was behind the screen, but from the side where i was, you could see him. i doubt it was a dat. but it could have been.

  10. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    Yeah there was a guy in the back left corner who was running the visuals during Uberzone.
    Koolhaus definitely looks good now, I was very impressed.
    As for my disappointment, I guess I was expecting more dancefloor orientated tunes like they used to do, I still enjoyed the show nonetheless, always wanted to see them live and now I did [​IMG]

    The golden question is still whether Uberzone are made up of 2 people or just 1 person? [​IMG]

  11. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    The ladies there were indeed very fine. For some reason I expected this to be one of those sausage parties, so this was a pleasant surprise [​IMG]

    The DJ's that played were My Brilliant Beast. One of those guys is Byron Wong, who used to be the host of New Music on CityTV.

    bucky -- for me Uberzone "stole the show" because I enjoyed the music he played a lot more. I guess as a "show" he wasn't that great (I mean how exciting can watching a guy do a 20 minute drum solo get?) He did do some live PA stuff inbetween. Oh and for the most part, the video was not pre-recorded or pre-synched. There was a guy in the back doing all of the visual effects live. All of the audio was done by Uberzone up front with DAT, a bunch of samplers and the drum kit.

  12. Lesslyn

    Lesslyn TRIBE Member

    I totally agree, Uberzone made my night! I was completely impressed with him! It really all went downhill after that, Crystal Method was very dissapointing. I thought the female vocalist was horrible and reminded me of madonna...bleck. Crystal method was boring and seemed to have no energy at all, the crowd was different, mostly standing or sitting-which didn't help contribute to the energy factor. I ended up leaving early cause I was tired and bored...oh well, it was good Uberzone was there or I would have been really dissapointed.

  13. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    i know exactly who you are talking about and feel exactly the same way. girsl that small just look fragile to me, not attractive.

    <--- liked uberzone, left during crystal method because they were annoying me.
  14. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    so CC and i ended up at the show totally by random!! and we were happy we did!!

    all in all a totally fun nite! and i definately agree with what has been said so far.

    Uberzone was awesome! i was hyped to see them and i wasn't dissappointed. very cool to see some live acts! (also very funny to watch lots of people getting all excited when uberzone went on thinking that it was the crystal method! too funny.)

    Crystal Method impressed me. i had never seen them before so i was pleasantly surprised. got me dancing despite my supreme tiredness and sore legs. and as shawn mentioned, the song with the guy from toronto on keyboards was absolutley awesome! also, the song with the live vocals was beautiful! too bad there was so much feedback...really distorted the woman's voice.

    the music got a bit too dark adn too hard for my liking at the end, but hey, by that point i was exhausted and cranky anyways!!

    all in all a totally fun, random, middle of week adventure! thanks CC - always fun to dance, look at ladies and get silly stoned with ya!! love ya!!

    [​IMG]sarah <---also looking forward to basic not working nites anymore. i missed you last nite!!
  15. twist

    twist TRIBE Member


    All in all ---- Tearin. Right from the moment we got there it seemed to be the night of lets wander around aimlessly until crystal method comes on. My Dull Rodent was.... well they blew. There's too many things that were kind of dodgy to comment on them all. So I'll just leave it at this, a lot of smoke and mirrors. Uberzone was definitely worth the money. He may not have done a true live PA but it was nice to hear a lot of classic tunes with some updated and energetic drumming. Definitely worked the crowd up propa, only then he stopped and there was another 45 minutes of lets wander around and wait till the method comes on. Finally for all of you who said you were dissapointed by the Method...... BLASPHEMARS! They fuckin rocked it right. They did everything I could have hoped for and more. Started with some tunes off their new album that were totally on point. Nice slow, heavy, chunky ass beats with crazy acid tweaks and reverbing distortion. After that they worked into some of their classics and they arranged them beautifully and kept a nice flow going. They had the girl who sings on the track "comin back" come out and do their new vocal track. The sound was a little off so you couldn't really hear what she was singing but it was nice to see and hear the familiar elements of vegas up on stage. After a couple more songs they went off stage trying to front like we were just gonna shut up and go home (which some people did) I was havin none a that. After a little bit of prompting they came out and dropped a few more including busy child (I can die a happy man). Some people have said that they were too annoying, too much rock influence, not enough tweaking, in short nothing special. Well nuts to all of you. The new tunes were excellent, not as much rock influence as I was expecting, from the way they've been billing their new album. They were really tweaking their shit with both the new and old. I can understand how people might have got annoyed with the music, it is fairly full of high pitched acidiness. But come on, didn't you listen to vegas? That's what they're all about. In short everything I heard from them last night was what I had been wanting to hear since the first time I heard them. An excellent update to the Crystal Method's style. You couldn't ask for anything more from them, they got into the show, played classics, played new material, did live shit, tweaked everything and kept a nice dark and heavy flow. All the elements that make a show excellent (whether it be rock, electronica, hip hop, or anything really) were there and it was the first time in a while. I could honestly go on for ever so I'll stop now.
    Satisfuckinfaction thy name is Crystal Method.

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