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Has anyone heard of local t.o group cryogenic's??

A guy was selling cd's this wkd on Queen and i bought a copy...but their website doesn't work. does anyone know the correct address?

The CD is disgustingly good but they're not signed to anything yet...i wouldn't believe they were even a local group except that toronto keeps coming up in lyrics...

if you haven't heard them yet, definitely, definitely suggest checking them out...
I was talking to these guys a while ago on Queen, I remember not having cash, but they told me to come peep their show at revival, but then I forgot the date and missed the show.

Sounds cool tho.
I bought mine from most likely the same dude on the same street...same corner is your guess nearly 3 years ago!!...he promised me a wicked hybrid of funky DnB breaks with good fast vocals so I bought it but now I can't find it...I should really search with hopes to find it
i bought one off that guy a couple years ago on queen, worth the 10 bucks fur sure......till it got stolen outta my car:( anyone peeped them live?

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