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Cross-country skiing?


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Where is a good place to go near Toronto? I have a car, but would prefer not to go too far (no more than an hour I would think). I don't have skis so it would need to be a place that rents the equipment. Any good suggestions?

I have not been in years, but I used to love it!
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I remember Dagmar having great trails. It's out in Uxbridge. They had 20K of packed track and skate trails across varying levels of difficulty and they definitely rent skis.


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Hardwood hills is probably the best in the area, followed by Albion and Hilton Falls (beatiful spot but I don't belive they rent).
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I use to rip through the don all the time. Guess forever and some nice climbs to make ya work. I got bored with it. Id rather be on the rink


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Albion Hills gets my vote for close ones. Hardwood is nice but not probably better for intermediate to expert levels and gets crowded. Blue mountain nordic center and Arrowhead park are both fantastic if you're up for a longer drive.
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