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Crobar - New York David Waxman


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Well there it is, the best night club in North America... WOW... I have been everhwere, Ibiza, England..some of the best night clubs in the world... The Guvernment (yes the guv is right up there) Stereo and Sona in Montreal, Space in Miami and Ibiza, Amnesia, etc etc... and this one my friends takes the Cake... with the most amazing sound system you have ever heard (yes better than Stereo's) at $750 000 (american) the first Phazon souround sound system...the club cost 9 million to make and looks every penny.... we got there at 11:30 and there was already a line up, I think it was $25 to get in... they open rooms as the night goes on so we go in and hang out in this thing called the reed room wich really needs to be seen to be believed...all these plants and tubes going everywhere, looks like a futurustic jungle...and the women, holly shit the women....then the main room opened and it is HUGE... 2 000 people..with a upper level vip floor...there are many rooms in this place..anyway waxman was dropping a 6 hour birthday set...tribal house, some vocal trance...just kept the entire place moving... no big builds..just banging vocal house... (played stuff like the lee cabrera mix of plastic dreams, Jackson and Smith - the push, THick dick remix of seal, Alix Dolby's Psycho Garden) as a suprise the chick from motocycle came on and sang live at 3am... it is $5, 000 to reserve a vip table (and there are many) every NY celeb was there, like EVERYONE...tons of people in costumes, lots of paid dancers done up lik elvis etc, just NUTS...and did I mention the women? The upstairs VIP section is awesome, you can overlook the entire club sitting in couches, and look over and see some celeb messed out of their minds... there are tons of fun rooms to be discovered if you wander around ( a hip hop room etc) anyway can't wait to go back.... waxman is the resident and will be there every sat, with special djs like sumfrog in on Fridays... did I mention the women? and it was weird, it was a very friendly crowd... anyway if you go, get there early...
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