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Crispy Crunch Ads ..


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does anyone else see the beauty of this series of commercials?

how each time something different changes inside the record store?

and the girl's like "wicked!"

i have NOT seen the same one twice ..

i think it's brilliant

it's a little different each time!


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is that wikkid girl the annoying sugar baby chic? she sucks.

and what are you talking about? i always see the same ones..that scottish one and the one where they are puppets.

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i think the ides is that if you don't watch an insanly disturbing amount of tv than you won't see the same ones!

i've seen them all 45 times!


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ive seen the exploding one
the normal one
and umm...was it a backwards one i think..yeah..

on tv

the scottish one and the puppet one i have only seen on the net.

its a cool concept. i like it :)

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Originally posted by little*jungle*nut
i don't know if her name is sugar baby, but i think she does this show on YTV

isn't that sugar baby, the one on KISS 92?
ya its the same girl.
as far as im concerned her voice isnt a novelty, its fuck annoying.