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Creative Disruption Pamphlet Done and Alive (sort of)


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Hey everybody, and a big THANK YOU to Mark!
I was just at the UP Festival at Liberty and Atlantic (south east of Dufferin and King) and yes, we do have pamphlets!
It would be great to see you there. I am going back (minus my skates) and try and hand out some of the pamphlets to people.But I am really tired from the whole week and it would be much better for others to be connecting with the masses, as well.
Erin is there with some TRIP stuff, sitting on the grass in the middle of the lot.
On the pamphlet - well, there are some fuck-ups (I did it). Like the back page - it was late (Midnight last night) and I had been up since 6:30am. But the layout looks good, so we're kinda okay.
See you all soon.



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Mark McC

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I would like to be able to post a 'virtual' version of the PPP pamphlet to this board -- does anyone know how this might be done? I don't see an "attach file" option ...
However, I have the pamphlet saved as a .pdf (Acrobat Reader) file, so if anyone wants a copy, please email me and I can send you one.
I would encourage you to do so -- the more people we have distributing these flyers at the Much forum tomorrow night, the better.


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Acrobat files can be imbeded into HTML and you can use HTML to post messages

IF not I need to see a copy of it anyway. I am gathering content for the webpage so if you would be so kind you could email it to me at sirwtit@home.com I am in both the comunications and PR cell (steve)