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Creating Ringtones?

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what phone do you have? if its mp3 capable you probably need to reduce the bitrate (I've used 24kbps in the past) so that the phones speakers don't get overrun. Easy to do with Razorlame but you can probably find ringtone specific software. Usually, the samples from walmart.com are fine as they come. You can also use soundcard recording software to save samples to mp3.


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I've got a Samsung p207 which downloads "Ringtunes" from Rogers site.....

I'm thinking they are MP3 format...but I'm not 100% sure.

Guess I'll find out when I get home and try sending myself one.

Aerius Zension

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The Darth Vader phone, I've got the same one. Try Howard Forums, they should have an answer.

I hate how the vibe-ring setting vibrates first, then rings once. It made downloading ringtones from Rogers useless.
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