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crazy old man spying on Queen's students


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If you go to the site and check out the "degradation of a neighbourhood" scenes, they're funny some of them.

I recall when I was approved for a mortgage, they said "Oh, but this applies to any property except ones within (so and so) of University of Waterloo."

Student ghettos are ghetto but damn are they ever fun.



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i don't have pics of the good ones, only lame ones (aka the girls cups! so boring!)

the best was the keg party where we all chose our favourite STDs to label our cups


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this thread is WAY more boring than I expected when I clicked in. What a letdown. come on tribe, you can do better than this.

Part of me (my brain) thinks this thread may not even be real, considering how lame the OP is and the photos posted here - They're not even worthy of the 'exciting pictures of tribers doing mundane activities' thread. Just some douchewads standing around. whoopiteedoo!

In short, I'm disapointed in all of you and otis is right, they're all losers.


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Jeffsus said:

Student ghettos are ghetto but damn are they ever fun.


Exactly! I mean, this is the exact reason why people choose to live IN the ghetto, isn't it?

Anyone who has ever been to Kingston knows that Aberdeen Street is not at all suitable for raising a family on. It is entirely suitable however to have your teenage son/daughter raise themselves there when they are at least 17.


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zoo said:
i don't have pics of the good ones, only lame ones (aka the girls cups! so boring!)

the best was the keg party where we all chose our favourite STDs to label our cups
i liked the keg party where someone went and bought an insecticide sprayer and filled it with some concoction of whatever liquor could be found and then wandered around the party force spraying it into everyone's mouth. i was a mess.


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ChrisD said:
Are you kidding, move out of the ghetto? Its a fucking neighbourhood, the man has every right to live there as they do.

How is the site creepy? The man is trying to raise some awarness who live in Kingston all year, and not just temp as most students there, are voicing.

From the looks of it, and sounds of it, and having grown up in Kingston, he has every right to voice his concern. The City is out of control during homecoming, and I would hate to live near, or in any area where there is a lot of residences filled with students during that time.

If they cant party responsibly then they shouldn't party. I cant believe I just said this.
I guarantee you wont be throwing the ball back when it lands on your yard when your 80.


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JamesM said:
just sounds like your typical nosy neighbor.

I'm from kingston originally. And the kids are getting way out of control. During homecoming i hear it's almost standard to be flipping cars, and all sorts of lame shit.

I'm from Kingston too. While I believe that homecoming has deteriorated really badly over the last few years, the lengths this guy is going to to make a point is absurd.
Surely there are more constructive ways to deal with this issue, and I can't fathom that what he's doing is completely legal.

The Queen's student ghetto has been a contentious hot button issue in the city for years. However, it's more because of the state of a lot of the buildings, than the one weekend of hooliganism. There are so many buildings in that area that should have been condemned *years* ago, that currently have students paying astronomical rent to live in.


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My first keg party at Queens. Some guy asks if I want to piss on a girl. I'm like what? He points out that there is a girl half passed out on the side of the house and guys are taking turns peeing on her.

I got charged for J walking on my way back to residence that night. lol

The last keg party I went to before leaving Kingston, my buddy and I got arrested and thrown in the slammer for 4 hours.
But they were cracking down on them that year and I figured maybe things had become more tame these days. I guess it's like the zone, you can't keep a good thing down. haha


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It's like everything I always heard about queens and the people that go there was true....

I thought all that shit was make believe...


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Bumbaclat said:
did you pee on her?

Dude, what kind of person do you think I am?

I have enough decency to keep fun times like that in the bedroom. The girls bedroom that is. ;)


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After reading this engaging thread, I took it upon myself to mail the camera wielding vigilante.

Here is my initial email:


I am wondering if you are aware of the type of harm reduction that law enforcement officers must utilize in order to ensure safety before attending to the aesthetic preservation and reduction of noise pollution in your neigbourhood. Suffice it to say, I am sure they are more versed and trained in this type of scenario than crotchery neigbourhood residents. For the most part, we should all be grateful that there are not serious injuries occuring at these events and that there is emergency staff on hand to ensure that these type of situations could be actioned on swiftly.

I fear I cannot sympathize with your campaign of demonation. Neighbourhoods change, and so shall yours. I live in Parkdale in Toronto, long considered a haven for drugs, prostitution and mental illness. In the last five years thanks to the influx of 'reckless youth', property value has soared, and sure, there are some fiesty house parties, but the sound of kids having fun normally does not incense the residents to such great heights as appears to be the case in your neigbourhood.

You might want to check out what some grown-up children are saying about your campaign: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=149870

Sir, I would suggest you count yourself fortnuate that you do not live in a neighbourood plagued by poverty and violence and that a bunch of rowdy university students are you biggest concern.

Perhaps, you could utlize your photography skills in a less invasive manner. Have your considered nature photgraphy?


S.R. Daniels
And here is the respones:

Hello Spencer,
Thanks for your e-mail message. Your comments are appreciated.

We live in a society under the rule of law. We agree not to take the law into our own hands, but delegate enforcement of the laws to our police. We authorize the police to use only the minimum amount of force required to gain compliance with the law. In the case of recent Queen's Homecomings, clearly the police have not gained compliance. So what we have at Homecoming is a night of the absence of the rule of law. Another name for the absence of the rule of law is anarchy.

We were all young once, and there is nothing wrong with young people exercising their right to enjoy the best years of their life. But every right has a corresponding limitation. My right to extend my fist ends where your nose begins. The right of enjoying one's youth ends at the point where exercising that right begins to infringe on and degrade the rights of others to a reasonable quality of life in the neighbourhood.

The issue is not that neighbourhoods change, but that laws, such as liquor and noise laws, must be obeyed regardless of changes in the neighbourhood.

Thank you for the link to tribe magazine. I checked out the entire thread, and found a healthy mix of opinion, both pro and con. Some folks agree with our position, some disagree, and a few resort to demonization and personal attacks and insinuations on me. But I have thick skin :)

Finally, thanks for the suggestion that I take up serious photography. Been there; done that. I attach for your enjoyment a photo from my portfolio. I do not take my SLR out to take photos for the SaveOurNeighbourhood website, as there is the risk of my camera being smashed by drunken students. The website photos were taken by a cheapie point-and-shoot camera which does not handle low-light situations well.

Again, Spencer, thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us,

Best regards

Don Rogers




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I just checked out the site, read the history of buddy's neighborhood, check out the pictures.... I'm with him. Those students need to be beaten and sodomized with broomsticks.


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imo, when i'm at home, i prefer my peace and quiet.

i grew up in Kitchener, with two universities and a college within city limits. while there are problems with people partying, i think the cops do a good job with enforcement, and keeping noise to a minimum.

running around on someones property, garbage, and piss and shit would not be cool to wake up to on your front lawn. i'd be pissed off too.

again, another reason i'm moving to the country.


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what about when a knife wielding psycho attacks your country home, and you have no neigbours to run to, and no one can hear your screams?

what then?