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A promotional mix I made for www.TorontoRaves.com

It's drum n bass the whole spectrum from hard to intelligent. Just the way I like it.

Hope you do as well.

Future Prophecies - Bring the noise
Zinc - The star of Polaris
Ed Rush & Optical and Fierce - Alien Girl
Funk Masters - Mekong Warrior
Lenzman - Sugar Hill
Icicle - Strange Fruit
Netsky - Starlight
Modemellow - Codian Moon
Zero T - Speak Low
Logistics - Spotlight
D-Bridge - True Romance
Calibre - Ringtone
Logistics - Shanghai Skyline
State of Mind and PNC - City on Fire
Cypress Hill - Yo Quiero Fumar
London Elektricity - Song in the key of knife
Zyz Rufen & Jssa - Outta Here
Apex - Weeping Willow
Lomax & Bcee - Brazilian Wax
B- Complex - Beautiful Lies​

To STREAM visit: http://soundcloud.com/crassmix

To DOWNLOAD click: http://soundcloud.com/crassmix/crasstrpromomix/download
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