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crass.mix / action auction / drum n bass 60 mix

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Crass, May 27, 2010.

  1. Crass

    Crass TRIBE Member

    Hey Tribe,

    Got another mix up. If you know whats good for your drum n bass soul, you'll check it :)



    Dirtyphonics - Pimp Slap
    Bcee - Help You - Shock One
    Nero - Electron
    Xample, Lomax - Remember feat. Ikay
    Break - Bass Face
    DatA - The Visitor
    Digital, Outrage - Final Demand - S.P.Y. Remix
    Eveson - Hear No Evil
    Stray - Locked Up
    Jo-S, Lenzman - Fade Away
    Exocet - Demon Seed - S.P.Y Remix
    Netsky - Porcelain
    Paul SG - Taspa
    LJHigh - A Different Way
    Brother - Deep Thread
    Amaning - Elephants Memory
    S.P.Y., Riya - Rebirth
    Logistics - Repetition
    Arp XP - Changes
    Need For Mirrors - Lowtide
    Eveson - Marley

    To contact for bookings or you just want to chat or toss me some dubplates:
    Bart Crassmix | Facebook

    To Stream : crassmix - Action Auction - SoundCloud
    To download: http://soundcloud.com/crassmix/actionauction/download

    Thanks for all the support.

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