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Craigslist's "Missed Connections"


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I peruse these at work sometimes while bored...secretly hoping there's some smoking hot girl in my office building who's madly in love with me.

Anyways.....has anyone ever been..."connected"?
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I've been enjoying the saga of "Rob from Markham".

starts off normal
I know this is a long shot, but here it goes:

I met this handsome guy named Rob with reddish hair with a cigarette over his right ear sitting on the bench at the College subway platform waiting to go northbound. I sat down next to him and we engaged in good conversation. We had just come from partying with our friends on St. Patrick's Day. So it was 1:30am that Friday night back in March.

I was going to Eglinton station to go home and he was going to Sheppard Station to meet another friend.

When our subway arrived we sat together again and kept talking. I learned that Rob works in accounting (and hates it) and lives up with family in Markham. He lives near Pacific Mall and has always felt connected to the Asian community. He studied business at Trent University and taught English in Taiwan for 4 months a couple years ago.

Rob also told me he was born in Newmarket and his uncle opened up a pub there called the Grey Goat where Alan Frew from Glass Tiger used to frequent.

The subway ride was too short and my stop came up too soon. And I hesitated asking him for his contact info. As soon as I stepped off the subway I instantly regretted it and have been kicking myself ever since.

He was so nice and attractive! I want to get to know him better. Rob, if you are reading this please respond. This is Daphne.

oh snap!
Well, you`ve just described my boyfriend of 2 years to tee! He failed to mention this engaging conversation with Daphne, when he met up with me (his friend) that night. I can`t wait til he gets home tonight.

Thanks for the info Daphne. Stay away from my man!

oh snap again!
On second thought you can have my boyfriend. But before I hand him over there are a few things about him you should know.
He's been around the block a few times,and is an actor, a tremendous flirt to the point of making every woman think that he just likes them and no one else, and when you think you are friends, he will chew you up and spit you out and then blame the whole thing on you and then act like nothing ever happened. I know he is extremely handsome and sexy and you would like to fu*k his brains out with some incredible passionate sex ( and yes it would be very passionate) but you must know it comes with a price. You will see the real Rob. A very complex, intelligent, creative, person who seems to have two sides to him. He will talk very calmly to you as if nothing is going on and then talk to you in such a bone chilling manner that you are stunned and asking yourself, who was that person? That is the real Rob. So if you want my boyfriend he is most certainly yours but just know he is a handful and I wish you all the luck in the world with him.

I'm not usually one to spread negative energy (because I like to spread the lovin!), but feel I should reply because I know Rob.

so here it goes: Neither of you ladies are missing out! Rob may have seemed friendly, but I assure you that he is far from it. I agree with his girlfriend's posting (if it is real, of course) that he can act very friendly, and then will turn on you at the next moment.

And Rob, if you're reading this: Thank you. Why?

You probably have no idea who this is because I'm sure you've hurt many people throughout your lifetime. But I want you to know that I've learned a lot through my experiences with you. You're powerless over those who are confident in themselves. You prey on the weak, which is certainly nothing to be proud of.

The way you attacked other people with your cruel words was beyond belief. I have never (to this day) met anybody who treated people the way you did.

I can't relate to the way you treat people, so I have no idea whether you do it because you're insecure about your abilities or your appearance, or because you're just plain evil! I think you like to control people, but you will see that as people get older, and gain confidence in themselves, that they will not be attracted to your antics. In fact, with maturity, they will be completely turned off by your behaviour. There are, of course, a lot of idiots out there who will put up with your behaviour, but you have to ask yourself-- do you really find substance from these relationships?

Thank you for making me see the type of people I WANT to associate with, and those who aren't worth my time. Because of you, I was able to learn this at a young age.

I hope that you can learn to be kind, not only for the sake of others, but so that you can find peace within yourself.
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