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Craig Godwin- 'Only You'- Fri. Mar.29th


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...an amazing vocalist from NYC performing for the first time on Fri. Mar. 29th at Temple bar.

Godwin's 'Only You'

Sound Design is Todd Terry's first ever UK based label, a major hook up with the Ministry of Sound with an agenda firmly set on crossing chunky dancefloor fillers into the top 10. First up comes the Tony Moran produced cut 'Only You' from Godwin.

Craig Godwin is a native New Yorker who decamped to Long Island as a kid. He cut his musical teeth at a young age by singing in church then by playing drums in the high school band. A few years down the line, he was overwhelmed singing with a band in the studio by Taylor Dayne's guitarist who invited him to sing on a project of his. Since then, he's gone on to work with a whole host of top flight artists and labels. From Gloria Estefan to the Cover girls and with labels such as Atlantic, Epic, Gee Street, Dig It and Contagious.

More recently it was a collaboration with legendary NYC producer Tony Moran which brought him under the Sound Design spotlight. 'Only You' is feel good house of the highest order. Whether it's Tony's pop edged original mix or Ray Roc's tough more pumping workout, this baby comes complete with big rousing vocals and a devastating disco sample. Matt Jam Lamont takes things into 2 step territory with a mix that reached number one in the UK charts this past summer.
Whilst Todd Terry dubs it out, strips things down with a tougher, deeper mix that sits in the crates of everybody from Darren Emerson to Danny Rampling. Look for more key releases from Sound Design and Godwin.

UK Garage #1 on top ten track listings July 2001:

1. Godwin - 'Only You' (Matt Lamont/DJ Face rmx)' (Sound Design)
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