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You want it? You got it you Orange bastard!

Massif happy b-day again bro. (three days and STILL going!!!!)

the night started out like any other, lounging around drinkin a nice cold brew dj cracky on the decks.. ok maybe not quite like any other night. ;)

t'was a memorable night for more then one reason... pretending to fall in the lake, last minute road trip back to T-dot for the hell of it... bickering over who gets what.. I think we all learned something with regards to that... cranking my speakers to the max, and giving my new mixer a run for its money. For the record, if you have the dukes spin a party, get the drunk AFTER their set. ;) KA-BOOOOOM!

I went to bed around 3am... figurativly speaking..

Ritika, you were a wonderful host for the evening.

what other mischief were we up to?


orange richie

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Hahahahahahahaha!!! ....you fucker! I can't believe you actualy reviewed a house party! <--- on the way back home I was joking to Derek to post a review, actualy I'm interested in everyones perception of the night, so if you were there, feel free to add on!

I think this party was thrown because of the 'cancelation' of a certain event ;) and we needed something to do.
Thanks to Ritika for her hospitality, it was a fun night indeed. Let's see:

- drunken ass sets from Alchemy, Ritika, the Dukes, myself and anyone else who braved the decks on this strange night.

- driving to T.O. and back with Chrissy (sp?) was retarded to say the least but the company made the drive worth it. Some interesting conversations with ya girl, 'twas nice meeting you!

- everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves for the most part.

- I called it a night when I started not making sense anymore along with an 'indecent' proposal that I made :p (OOOPPS, sorry sweetie :D) in all my drunken glory! <---b-day excuse!

- It was nice seeing everyone who came out, loads of fun I tell ya!

- Breakfast in the morning at Wimpy's was... yeah...

- Driving back home with Derek and myself in seperate cars and talking to each other via cell phone and head sets the whole way down was pure jokes but passed time by well.

- I'm still not making sense... Anyone else? what else happened? I can't write more now, buddy taking me out for cake and then it's Roger Sanchez time....

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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I want that couch, the TV, and the pool table.

The view of the moon on the lake is, breathtaking!

And havin a certain redhed fly 3 feet in the air and land on my groin...well...that's negotiable.

Thanks Tika for good evening.
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Mike's going to put all the pictures on a website..as soon as thats done I'll post the link so you can see the whole night's review in all its cracky glory!

Adam Duke

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my knee hurts from slammin into the entertainment unit.

and i was HUNG OVER ALL DAY!!!!

@m. <---STILL didn't get to hear Craig spin....
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you sleepers are wimps! ;)


i had a perfect night. i've been long-overdue for a night like that.

the sunrise was so beautiful. one of the main things i can recall from the night was walking around the back yard at 6am in ritika's dad's soft leather loafers, looking out at lake ontario, watching the sunrise, listening to the geese, talking on the phone to my girlfriend in australia (don't worry ritika, i charged the call to my calling card!)..........and then adam tried to tackle me into the geese toilet. speaking of which, adam was in a tackling mood that night for some reason......i ended up in the garden as well!

anyways, it was so nice to meet you all. hopefully we can all do that again sometime.......well, once the head-pounding stops.


ps. kf, regardless of whether all the possible rhythms in this world have been thought of or not..........mcdonald's hash browns will still taste good at 7am!

Temper Tantrum

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Let's see:

- @m threw me into a bush

- I did a flying leap frog onto Lil timmy's nether regions

- I had mcdonalds pancakes with ketchup

- I got to spin (go team djwannabe!)

- I had a very interesting offer made that was declined ;)

- "Arsh and Derek what are you doing here? I thought you guys went with Chrissie and Rich"
"We thought YOU went. "

"Oh shit. Their never coming back alive."

- We stalked michelle on her phone

- I decided Tania is the coolest chick in the entire world. No one beats that degree of wickedness. you GO girl. :D

- I discoverd @m drinks Gin and Tonics like my grandma.

- Ritika's house has 9 bedrooms. and six showerheads in one shower. And a TV screen larger then my apartment.

- Arsh is a terrible terrible terrible driver. Far worse then me. which says a LOT.

-Craig and his girlfriend calls are adorable. We need more men like this! Anyone want to move to montreal and date me?

- Chrissie and Derek were 'talking' for a loooooooooonnnnnnng time. And my well timed walk ins were fun.

Thanks for a great weekend. I needed it :D

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