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CPU Over Voltage Error


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I'm getting that error msg @ start up - ever since i installed iTunes, it's been making my desktop all wonky. It shuts off by itself in the middle of the night only if i'm logged into my profile. It's fine when logged into the boy's.

Error msg went away when i did a scandisk and about 7% of my C: is unable to be defrag'd but still shutting down on its own.

Related issues? Any ideas?
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Sounds like your power supply is on it's way out, may be time to buy a new one.

It is probably just a coincidence that the error started after you installed iTunes.


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i think i figured it out - i removed enough dust and cat hair from the inside the case to create a dust elephant

voltage is hovering still b/tw 11.917 - 12.083, recording the fluctuations to see if it spike significantly....cpu temp was running @ 75-80C, now down to 44-45 YIKES! :eek: