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CPAP machines


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So you know Canadian partiers are getting old when we have to bring up sleep apnea and CPAP machines.

I was with this Korean guy, who unfortunately had to go back to Korea to do his thing in the army, but YAY is back, and one day he was like

Korean> "Jeff have really bad sleep apnea."

At first I was like, "What's that?".

I realized I was waking up throughout the night and ridiculous headaches. Also I was tired throughout the day which was interfering with my research.

So, long story short, I got prescribed this machine which essentially blows air into my nose while I sleep.

At first, it feels kinda weird, because if you open your mouth while wearing this apparatus, it blows air out of your mouth.

But after one night of wearing this gadget, I had the best sleep ever and woke up totally refreshed. OK I had dreams that I was a scuba diver but that aside. After two days I feel even better.

So I'm all 100% for wearing this thing now but I'm a bit concerned about the social aspects of it. The weekend is coming up. After a good romp in bed, what do you do, just say "OK excuse me now while I put this thing on my nose and oh try and watch out for this hose while cuddling."

I mean if we were married I guess it wouldn't be a problem but I can't see that the kids are gonna unkink my hose, if you know what I mean.

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I havent got my CPAP yet, using these special nasal strips that let you breathe in easy, but make it tougher to exhale through your nose, this "backs up" the exiting air and inflates your throat, reducing apneas

They're ok - but they have their own challenges. It seems easier/less intrusive than CPAP, but believe me they take getting used to.

Im going to look into CPAP soon, but using these in the meantime...