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COURTSIDE RAPTORS TIX - Atlanta vs. Raptors this Sunday - $230.00 OFF!


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The best tickets i've ever got are COURTSIDE this Sunday....unfortunately, i gotta bounce off to Cancun...so timing didn't work out. So, what does that mean for some lucky person out there? It means you can get TWO courtside Raptors tickets for a significant discount...check it:

ROW B, CourtSide Seating, Seat 21 - Ticket Price - $540.00

Altanta Hawks vs. Raptors @ 1pm

Selling 'em for $850.00

which, if you do the math, is $230.00 off the ticket price!

Imagine, this is a great opportunity to be RIGHT in the action...hehe

anyways, cell Austin at 416.414.6848 if u'r interested...


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willing to haggle

My buddy would consider about $600.

He's going to be posting the tickets on eBay later tonite...

I'll keep you posted as to what the link is, and what the bids are...



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EV, where o' where are you?


Looks like your $400 bid is good to go...

phone Austin at 416.414.6848 if u'r still interested...
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