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couple of tracks for chilling out

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

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just listened to "ride". it's nice, the only thing is that it's was tad bit long. other than that i liked it.

i'll get back to you on the other track. good to know it's not just iCat and i making downtempo on this board.

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
hey thanks :)

Ya the downtempo stuff is kinda an excursion for me but i like to make it sometimes.

And yes it is long but it is just for chilling out to. I did not want to rush through to the end. Kinda background music to some degree.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Mike G.


TRIBE Promoter
May i please have your copy of Tresor compilation you did... with Greg Gow

you know the double lp and /track.

i met you a lonnnnnnnng time ago.

pleaseeeeeeeeeeee? :)
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Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
hey there to be honest I cant put a face to you at the moment. Where did we run into each other?

"May i please have your copy of Tresor compilation you did... with Greg Gow"

As for the track I did with Greg Gow on Tresor demo tracks record... I have a copy of that record go figure. Ummmmmmm, send me a PM and ill get more into it.



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I'm diggin solitude.
I like that punchy beat. very chill. actually just what I was looking for tonight to wind down. (It's 3:30am and I have 8:30 class)
Thanks for posting.