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Coupe Bizzare


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So I got a gift certificate on my birthday for a Coupe Bizzare haircut for my birthday...

Who is the best person to book with for "Guy" hair?

Went there sometimes years ago, and was never really impressed (and in one case extremely disappointed, rocky butchered my lid)

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I used to go there (ten years ago) and Jimmi always gave me really nice cuts. I'm a chick, but the cuts were short hair cuts. He was a master with that slicing razor texturizing thing stylists use. And he was good times. I know he still works there because I live in the area and I see him kicking around.

*edit* ooops. wrong forum. stupid guys stuff deeking me out. advice stands though, go to Jimmi.


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all my female friends swear by this place. I wouldn't really have an answer to you question though. I haven't had a haircut that isn't a number in years. Although I gues my answer would then be the good old #3.


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Robin used to do mine while i lived in Toronto. He did a great job everytime. Also, if you like UFC or MMA he's totally into that shit so it makes for good manly conversation which offsets the manlyness reduction stemming from the fact that you're in a boutique salon.
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