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Counting the days...

Ditto Much

TRIBE Member
So how many more weeks before Fantino is gone?

I don't think Miller likes the guy, hell he politicaly endorced the other candidate. He is a bit of a fear monger and god knows he isn't much liked by the community at large.

I say mid-January he is out looking for a new job.
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judge wopner

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calling him a fear mondger is a bit unfair.

he proposed that the streets are worse due to increase gang activity and called for more officers. not an entirley unrealistic call.

its funny how the same groups that suggest that conditions in toronto have deteriorated so much in terms of the gap b/w the rich and poor and what not are so fast to suggest crime isnt any worse and that we dont need more police protection.

if poverty and poor social conditions are such big factors in why crime exists, wouldnt said worsenings of these factors suggest crime too has become worse requiring better help for the poor and more help for police?

new to t.o.

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An article in yesterday's Star said Fantino was noticably absent from the swearing in and mentioned in passing that he might not have been invited. Good riddance!