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Countdown till Christmas Vacation!


TRIBE Member
Please post how many days you have left untill you are off work as well as the duration of your leave.

I'll start:

8 hours and 12 mins motherf*ckers!

I return to work Jan 4th.


Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
8 days left til 2 days off. :rolleyes:
then 3 days (but I can come in whatever time I want) til hopefully 5 days off.


Staff member
I have another month left at least...... But then, I am sort of always on vacation - in my mind anyway.
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3 more working days next week, then off until Jan 3 (always love going back to work on my birthday :rolleyes:)

Bernnie Federko

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I decided to work between xmass and NY's for the first time in 5 years, electing instead to take the off the first 10 days of January. This way I have an excuse to go to bed early and not be as destroyed come the morning of Jan 1.

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not counting today, 5 more working days and then off until Jan 3.

it's "holiday potluck" today so it doesn't really count.


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ya im just taking the three days I need to take off the christmas week, least amount of vac days i've used during the holidays in a while - but took me a long time to transition to a new role and now that I'm finally on the team as of this week, didn't want to lose my valuable and much needed ramp-up time...


i will be seeing a new nephew/niece (we dont know which yet) who is due next tuesday - flying out to the prairies on boxing day to meet him/her!
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I've been so busy the morning has just flew by! 4 hours and 20 minutes till sweet freedom. I've got so much work to finish up by 5pm. Do I even have time for lunch?
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Please note I am currently out of the office returning on Wednesday January 4th. If this matter is of an urgent nature please contact the Branch Manager xxxx xxxxxxxx at 416-xxx-xxxx.


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3 more school days, plus:
1 giant case analysis paper
2 research papers
1 presentation
1 project report
1 self-evaluation
1 reflection essay

And then we're off to Canada for 2 weeks. 8 exams await me once I'm back. Help!