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could it be true?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Progressive Room' started by mandapanda, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    system on new years suddenly looks very VERY appealing...
  2. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    Isn't it going to be the last System night?
  3. Ilia

    Ilia TRIBE Member

    Yes it is.
  4. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    really? system is pullin' the chute? why? i thought they were making a come back... the past couple parties i've attended there have been awesome...
  5. Chicago Kid

    Chicago Kid TRIBE Member

    I really hope this is pure sarcasm. :eek: :rolleyes:
  6. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    ^^^ nope, no sarcasm... the last 2 parties i attended at system were sander on new years and diggers in june and both parties were rockin'... because i don't live in TO, i don't get a chance to party there every weekend, so i'm not really aware of the current status of most TO clubs... so i take it system has been going down hill for a while now? i wouldn't have thought so with the amount of quality DJ's i see playing there...
  7. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

    Big thread from last week on the closing here:

  8. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    FYI - tix $65

    and yes, i already have mine :D


    Read yesterday on another site that Sharam is going to be playing System on New Years as well. Apparently Ali is playing somewhere in Europe.

    So....Danny Howells and 1/2 of Deep Dish (IMO the better half as well) @ System to bid it farewell = pure gold!!!
  10. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    Hmmmm ... I doubt that Sharam would fit into System's NYE party, since Danny is playing for 7 hours, and Sharam needs to spin at Aria in Montreal from 4am - 8am.
  11. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I agree I don't think he will be there.
  12. DINGER


  13. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    This is from the interview:

    "For New Years Eve you are off to Canada, to play Toronto with Sharam from Deep Dish and then Montreal for a late one?
    I'm really looking forward to both of these nights, I love Toronto but Montreal will be amazing, I start at about 10am, which is my favorite time of night, you can go really crazy. I particularly love it when the crowd starts thinning out around midday and you can go on till 2pm."

    Maybe you're right... any promotors from that night that can help us out?
  14. bringthebeats

    bringthebeats TRIBE Promoter

    no sharam at system.

    and after this past weekend, i think he'll eat his words prefering montreal over toronto.

    for me, montreal hasn't matched friday's vibe at system in a very, very long time.
  15. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    10 AM? holy shit how do ppl do it? might as well just sleep all night, get up early and start drinking with your breakfast :p

    and I love how 10 AM is his "favorite time of NIGHT" haha

    i think i might try to convince my buddies to hit this up... to me it looks better than anything in montreal that i've seen...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2005
  16. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    What we REALLY need to ensure is that his set at System is recorded. Hopefully it'll rival that infamous Arc closing set (and in this case it really is System's closing night whereas with Arc is was only Danny's last appearance there, not the actual closing night itself).
  17. DINGER


    The first 45 minutes of that Arc set are twisted - i still listen to part 1 regularly.
  18. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

  19. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    hmmm... april 13th is a thursday and the friday is good friday i believe... i wonder what they've got planned... hopefully a solid line-up... danny's for sure a good start!
  20. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    hmmmmmmm burridge is booked for that night too

    that will be a sick ass fucking party for sure!


  21. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    I guess it depends on what other DJs are booked, since Danny and Lee are unlikely to be the "big draw" for the evening. Maybe Deep Dish will be back. LOL
  22. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    yea they will prolly play in the guv ... and have some lameass trance dj play in the kool haus


    hmmmmmmm maybe they will bring in fanciulli to play since hes playing @ beb on that sunday ... danny + nic + lee in the same room on the same night would be sick as fuck! DISASTER!!!

  23. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

  24. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    This thread should be renamed "The Perpetual Danny Thread" :)

    It'll be interesting to see how he plays at This is London.

    And hopefully he's up for another marathon set at Aria. I barely even remember what that club looks like any more! LOL
  25. Aleks

    Aleks TRIBE Member

    kool, this new booking sounds like a fun night for toronto! (finally)

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