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Cough. The annual medical checkup day!


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I never used to go for annual medical checkups, but ever since I switched to my current MD a few years ago, I have been having an annual checkup ever since. My doc has insisted on it.

I was raised with the belief that you never go to a doctor unless there is something wrong with you, and I know that doesn't make much sense in the context of preventative medicine, but many people still feel that way. I don't think I saw a doctor once in my 20's and maybe once in my 30's, and never had a job that required an annual physical.

Anyway, last week I had buckets of blood extracted, ultrasounds and wires hooked up to me at the lab. Today I get to hear the verdict.
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Well done Alex!

I had an appointment today for the first time in 10 years. I know how you feel. I go into the lab later this week for the buckets of blood and other tests.

My new doctor is only 32 years old. Seems like a great guy though...very smart.


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Well the verdict is in. Aside from my neck issue I am in top form except for my cholesterol level which is a touch high. I attribute that to the huge amount of sausages, eggs, cheese and bacon I have been eating since January. I am going to cut back on that for a few months and see how the cholesterol levels are in September.
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