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DECEMBER 2--Alleged pedophile R. Kelly is one inventive guy. The 36-year-old R&B singer is under indictment on child porn charges in Florida (where he allegedly possessed illicit still images) and Illinois (where he supposedly filmed himself with a young girl). When he was nabbed earlier this year in Miami, Kelly told cops, according to the below police report, that "former managers" might have been trying to set him up, "taking pictures of people that look like me" cavorting with the underaged. Kelly has now extended that defense, as it were, to his Cook County case, according to a motion filed yesterday. While simultaneously questioning whether his video co-star was a minor, Kelly notes that he might mount a "computer morphing" defense. The performer, it seems, may argue that some unknown conspirators digitally dropped him into the raunchy video (or, perhaps, replaced his of-age consort with a computer-generated partner based on an actual minor girl). This trial should be a hoot--especially when Kelly's legal team calls George Lucas as its first defense witness. Call it the Industrial Light & Magic defense. (6 pages)

Dr Funk MD

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Stupid as it sounds there will probably come a day when video and photos won't be permissible as evidence because they can be too easily faked or altered.


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too bad he's fucking kids,...... he's a musical pop king.

oh well..... he could always move to another country where the laws are more liberal on something like that.... somewhere like south america.

Ditto Much

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Originally posted by Hal-9000
Its a McCarthy blacklist.

The man is correct!!!

I wonder if its more effective to call a man a child molestor now a days or to call a man a communist back in the McCarthy days...

For me it clouds the trials, even if I think the defendant is guilty I wonder if there deviance is only deviance when we measure it with a looking glass.


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Originally posted by Ditto Much
we're not old enough,

You and I probably aren't but have you ever met hal-9000?

He's all small and wrinkly. Kinda like a raisin, but with a face.

165 years old. Minimum.