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Cosmic Gate II

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by joey, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    To be fair I didn't get there till past 3...

    but when I did get there I wanted to leave post haste!

    ah yes it was my first time in tropicana since the renovations.. and yet it is all too much the same.

    The sketchness lives on!!!

    Wow I haven't seen that many young, messed up sketch kids in quite a long time. GHETTO.

    Dr Trance did play a nice set though, highlighted by a tango track.. that was funny

    Other then that the only djs i saw was Marco P and Phat Kat...
    who? ya I thought so.

    Too bad
  2. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    I ended up at this party because my friends were going and I could get in for super cheap. So after work I jumped on the street car and headed over to the tropicana. All I saw were Candy Kids. But.. whatever. I didnt let that bother me. I spent the first half of the night feeling like smoking weed and sneaking around 10 feet behind the security guard doing his rounds slowly smoking a joint.
    By the time we finished Unabomber came on and played his qoute un-quote "techno". I was interested to hear Deep Impact- I was wondering how a crazy techno berlin techno dj would go over on a candy crowd. he started off playing some hard tech-trance and I was immedetly dissapointed. But a little ways through his set he belted out a drum code tracks and old Marco Carola "question" record which I was surprised to hear- but then flowed back into the tech-trance.
    Even though it was a "liquid" kind of rave I had a decent time- met some nice girls and guys and played a bit on the dance floor. There was no new ground covered hear (which im starting to jonse for..) and the tunes were pretty much the same.

    ++.5 plus signs out of 5
    ++.5 / +++++

  3. dea

    dea TRIBE Member

    Well I personally had a great time at this party.

    The highlights
    -The sucurity chick who remembers me and is so nice
    my night)
    -Marty McFly
    -Jackie, Mike, Dave, Jen, Glenn, James, Jeff, Steve, Pat, King Chris, Heather
    Denise, Joe (who once was lost) and of course Jesus.
    -James and my plus 12 brain cell talks
    -Goooooo team
    -Kathy (sparkle) and all her candy treats.
    -The cigars... mmmm..

    I'm giving that part 9.5... only droped to a 8.5 cause I was really tired and my
    back hurt

    Set of the night - Marty McFly VS. D.Monic

    #1 Highlight - Metal detectors.

    I needed at really good party like that one last night... otherwise it might have
    been my last

  4. ira

    ira TRIBE Member

    that party was DA BOMB, well the first part, Marty McFly, Unabomber, D.Monic, they just ROCK da HOUSE!!!!!
    but to many candy ass ravers out there!(..............sorry.....) they scare me!? and make me go WACKY!? and please do not make...ME...GO...WACKY...just simply do not do that!!!!!!!
    wow! i am a wacky person!!!!! [​IMG]

    the party was SICKKKKKKKKHOOOOOOOOOoooooolleeeeeeeeee! OHHHH K-HOLEOOOOoooo
    FOR REAL!?
    YA THAT'S RIGHT brother from another mother!

    o.k i'm gona go now
    you people have fun

    lates ya alllll......K-Hooooooooolleeeeeeeee!
  5. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    tbis is a prime example of why I dodn't like this party. I guess I shoulda expected this, after all the flyer featured an astro-boy character with a soother in his mouth....

    Although I must also give respect for the metal detectors. I got there at 3am so there was no line but I can imagine it would take a long time at large partyies as even the wrapper in my trident pack set it off. Well i for one will tolerate the line up. wait.
  6. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    next time, put a little more crack in your pipe.
  7. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    sounds like an exciting party.

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