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cosic gate at viva?


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CG is a little on the cheesy side, but I'm thinking about making my premier appearance at Viva next Friday. Anywone lse going?
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Kid Epic

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low blow!!! :eek:

hey shanny i want to try and do a painting this summer...any reccomendations on acrylic paints? how do i pick a canvas? how do u know what's a good one and a bad one? what about brushes?



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haha we just want you to come out!!

umm.. all bought canvasses are good. (but it's cheaper to make you own) don't buy expensive paint.. and watch your brushes cuz acrylic dries like no one's bizzness. oh and get some retarder, it's a medium that slows the drying process down.

if you can, go to the Stevenson's wharehouse @ Ellesmere and Warden, great paint and other suplies at wherehouse prices, and they give you %10 with a student card. very knowledgable and cute old ladies work there.

oh and there's a dog that's always there.. I love him!