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cosa on valentine's day

judge wopner

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its almost valentine's day.

catholics and other christians have saint's days to honour particularily revered people in the religion's storied past. while not actual diety's, human beings are granted sainthood if credited with performing miracles or acts of divine inspiration.

kind of like how hindu's have many gods with different specialties, accept saints are mere mortals. so its probally alot closer to X-Men than any other religion.

but still.

like most christain holidays and celebrations in north america, they have become more consumer based celebrations than anything else.

Its pretty sappy stuff and perhaps my lack of valentine this year is indicative of my general insensitivity to these things. the closest i get to romance is watching "When harry met sally" on DVD.

valentines day is a bitter sweet day, much like christmas. its celebratory of all things near and dear to our hearts: love, life and happiness. thus making it all the more difficult for those who have neither in their lives. offices around the country become war zones of flower deliveries, gifts and singing telegrams for the adorned and nothing for the unloved.

its harsh stuff when it you reallly get down to it. it reminds me of the old story about a boy who wasnt sure what to get his girlfriend on valentines day. his father said
"buy her flowers",
the boy replied:
"but dad she said she said she didnt want any gifts on valentines"
to which the father replied:
"son, youll never know if she wants flowers until after you give her flowers. so buy her flowers"
the boy confused asked
"but that doesnt make sense, why would she say she doesnt want flowers if she does"
the dad laughed and said
"if women told men what they want, everyday would be halloween"
the boy nodded in agreement but didnt really understand what was just said.

i feel like that boy when it comes to women.

dr. cosa MD
doctor of nothing.
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Originally posted by judge wopner
the closest i get to romance is watching "When harry met sally" on DVD.

Thats pretty fuckin close. The closest I get is watching Ass Breeder 2 with the wife.