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cosa cant get no sleep

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
no sleep for days on end....

why is it when i look at a really hot brunette with a great body
i get turned on only a fraction more than i get pissed off that likely i either will be too chicken to chat with her, or that she has a boyfriend and i will join the ranks of the millions who have likely followed suit.

but then i get sicker thinking who is the genius that in spite of all this went for it and succeded, even if only temporarily until the weekend when the next guy made out iwth her at the bar, in back on the pool table, right before her boyfriend found that blue chalk on her pants the next morning and she didnt think to say it was mascara fast enough.

man that guy probally wishes he was in my place at that moment on the brink of meeting that girl and instead chickened out because he knew that brunettes with hot bodies are nothing but heartache.

dr. cosa MD
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