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Corporation vs. Life


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What if you are at an ethical crossroads with a corporation?

Wheter you work for one or have to do business with them?

Do you quit or stop pursuing your goals?

Is there an ethical meter, so to speak?

Aren't we all enmeshed in the corporate world in some form or another? Whether it be consumers or producers, as we choose to live in the western world. Do we remain apathetic and continue to debate, criticize but continue 'consuming'?
99.9999999% do nothing with the information we have, so why bother trying to 'stick it to the man'?
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You could have put this in the 'corporation' thread.

Everyone pretty much knows that I think there is a dire need for corporate reform.

I posted this before but it's an interesting read is the 1886 Santa Clara Vs. Pacific Railroad ruling that supposedly gave the corporation it's right to personhood. The case basically ruled that the dispute did not need to involve the courts, but the abstract written for it basically described the case as permitting corporate personhood. From that point corproate personhood was ratified by dozens of other cases that referred to this ruling on behalf of a Corporation's defense.

Read The Case

There is a grass roots campaign for local cities, towns, states, to ammend their constitution to remove/reform corporate personhood by basically adding the word "natural" in front of "person" in their 14th amendment and it's proving quite effective.


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The UK decision (which Canada follows) that allows corporations to be "persons" is Salomon v. Salomon from 1896 (I think).
The positive side of corporate personhood is that anybody can start their own small business, pay a few hundred bucks to incorporate it, and then if the business goes bankrupt --which many do-- the owner will not lose their house in the process.
I dunno if this benefit outweighs the cost, but if I ever start a business I will definitely incorporate so that I don't end up living on the streets if my business tanks.


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I work in a corporation. which I will not name here because I have had some moral conflicts with working there. I no longer have many conflicts with them because no matter what I do it's somehow down the line using a corporate mentality or product in order to get it's gains. Even a privatly owned variety store buys from corporations. it's everywhere. I figure Fuck it, when I'm out of work I can do whatever I want and be myself. In work I play the game and I play to win (then again that's a little of me outside of work) Unfortunatly the way the previous people in controll have set up the sytem slowly through time to work. it IS having negative effects on the world, the environtment, and economy (what happens when there is nothing left to reach for because somebody has taken it all.) they set it up and we have to play till enough people stand up and say HEY LISTEN UP WE NEED A BIG CHANGE. I fear everything will be gone before human kinds apathy dwindles.
check this article on how much oil we have left. www.cdc-i.org/news.html it's in the world news section. bear in mind damn near everything we have requires oil somewhere along the processing line.

just my little opinion


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Boss Hog posted a great link to an online (freely available) book on the history of corporations...you should all read it, I did...I'm too lazy to find the link though. sorry. :p
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