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Coronavirus Pandemic

Bernnie Federko

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Meanwhile in Alberta, Jason Kenney shows this late in the game he still doesn't get it.

The man who blamed the NDP for the forest fires in his province a few years ago, still saying that judging him over how he handled the pandemic is "unfair" and even when he's breaking the rules, he insists he isn't.

Gotta love the place is named "Sky Palace"

I believe the saying is "do as I say, not as I do"


Bernnie Federko

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Variants: The Globe is adopting the World Health Organization’s naming convention for COVID-19. Here’s a guide:
  • Alpha: B.1.1.7, first associated with Britain
  • Beta: B.1.351, first associated with South Africa
  • Gamma: P.1, first associated with Brazil
  • Delta: B.1.617.2, first associated with India
WHO is ruling out that a variant found in Vietnam is a new hybrid, saying instead it is part of the existing Delta strain.
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Bernnie Federko

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Fully vaccinated Canadians to be exempt from post-travel COVID-19 quarantine restrictions starting July 5
Starting July 5, fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents will be spared from current post-travel quarantine restrictions on return to Canada as long as they test negative for COVID-19, Ottawa says.
This first stage of relaxation of travel restrictions does not apply to fully vaccinated foreigners aside from a few exceptions, including international students attending school in Canada.
These changes mean eligible travellers will be exempt from existing quarantine rules including a mandatory hotel stay for those arriving by air and testing on the eighth day after return.
Opinion: Two good reasons for keeping the border closed, and one bad one - Globe Editorial
In other COVID-19 developments: The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases attributed to the highly contagious Delta variant jumped 66 per cent in Canada last week to more than 2,000. Across the provinces, Ontario is expanding accelerated second dose vaccine accessibility, Alberta adds more prizes to its vaccine lottery, Quebec is reducing restrictions in three regions, and Saskatchewan will end all public health measures on July 11.

Bernnie Federko

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Ontario is moving into the second step of its reopening plan on June 30, two days ahead of scheduled, which allows shopping malls, hair salons and amusement parks to reopen with capacity limits.

The change comes as Ontario has surpassed its COVID-19 vaccination targets for even the third step of its plan, which is not supposed to begin until later in July.

So far, 76.5 per cent of adults in the province have received a first dose, and 27.5 per cent are fully vaccinated.

“We are proceeding safely with the re-opening of our province and will continue to work around the clock until the job is done,” Premier Doug Ford said in a statement.

Step 2 of the province’s three-part plan, which was scheduled to begin July 2, further loosens restrictions but keeps most indoor activities closed. It allows for outdoor gatherings of 25 people, smaller indoor gatherings of five people, non-essential retail including malls to reopen at 25 per cent capacity, and personal care services to resume at 25 per cent capacity with a maximum of five people.

Outdoor sports leagues can also open, but indoor gyms remain closed. Indoor weddings, funerals and religious services are permitted at 15 per cent capacity. Outdoor amusement parks, waterparks and fairs can also resume with reduced capacity.

Mr. Ford’s government is facing pressure from the business community to move into step 3 of its plan faster, which would allow larger indoor and outdoor gatherings, indoor dining and indoor sports facilities to resume.

“Opening malls, personal services two days earlier will help, but the reopening should really begin [Thursday] and include far more businesses (gyms, entertainment, indoor dining),” Dan Kelly, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said on social media.

Step 3 of the government’s reopening plan requires 70 to 80 per cent of adults to be vaccinated with one dose, and 25 per cent of adults to be fully vaccinated. The government says other factors are at play as well, including hospital capacity and case numbers, and officials have said they are monitoring the spread of the more contagious Delta variant.

The government said Thursday it will remain in step 2 for “approximately” 21 days to allow vaccines to reach their full effectiveness and to evaluate any impacts before moving on to step 3 of the plan.

Outgoing chief medical officer of health David Williams is set to hold his final press conference at 11 a.m. on Thursday alongside the new medical officer Kieran Moore, where the reopening plan will be discussed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ford is set to receive his second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday at an Etobicoke pharmacy.