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Coronavirus Pandemic

Jason Kenny had to accept the resignation of his Chief of Staff and demote FIVE members because they all ignored holiday social distancing. One "needed" to go to Hawaii (family tradition!)

Through the weekend, it was revealed that more MLAs had travelled: Fir was in Las Vegas; Nixon had been in Hawaii; Rehn and Yao visited Mexico. Stephan left for Arizona on Dec. 31, the day news of Allard's trip became public.
This man wants to be prime minister.

And I completely understand why my friends who work in medicine say that Alberta will be run by people selling essential oils and healing crystals in less than a decade after how they've handled this, and how they're generally disrespected as a whole by the provincial government. Almost no one with any kind of a medical degree wants to live or work there.
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Bernnie Federko

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Ontario issuing stay-at-home order after releasing dire COVID-19 projections
January 12 at 11:50 a.m

Ontario is issuing an order requiring residents to stay at home starting Thursday, except for essential activities such as accessing health care or shopping for groceries.

Premier Doug Ford says he is also declaring another state of emergency effective immediately in response to surging COVID-19 infection rates.

The new measures also include restricting the hours of operation for non-essential retail stores such as hardware stores to between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The premier announced the restrictions shortly after the province released new projections that show the virus is on track to overwhelm Ontario’s health-care system.

Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, one of the experts behind the projections, says that if the province’s COVID-19 positivity rate is at five per cent, Ontario will see more than 20,000 new cases a day by the middle of next month.

If the rate climbs to seven per cent, that means the province will see 40,000 new daily cases.

Ontario reported 2,903 new cases of COVID-19 today, including eight new cases of a variant from the United Kingdom.

The province also reported 41 more deaths linked to the virus.


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Folks, I can’t listen to the toothless drivel that drips from Doug Ford’s mouth anymore. In one breath, he says he’s not blaming anyone for the spread of the virus. In the next he says the same 1/3 of Ontarians are ignoring the restrictions. We’re already under partial lockdown. Now we have a stay-at-home order. ...but big-box stores are STILL open. They’re gonna send out inspectors, to make sure they’re following guidelines.

It’s been near 10 months. Most of us are following the guidelines. There are no consequences for the 30% who aren’t. ZERO. ...and Ford’s cabinet and business cronies are among that 30%.

Pure jokes. Doug Ford is still just a two-bit hash dealer, who’s spouting nonsense, threatening struggling Ontarians with fines for movement within their own communities and shutting down local businesses - while his gift from daddy - DECO labels - continues to run 3 shifts at full-tilt.

One set of rules for everyone, please.



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Today’s update and clarification from Duh-Fo on the lockdown restrictions...

It’s basically the same, “Choose your own adventure” story, we’ve been dealing with since March.

IF you care about “the children” and your mom and your dad and your grandparents - please turn to page 13 and continue your journey at home.

IF you don’t give a shit about kids and family - please turn to the next page and continue onto the “300 lb. gorilla” chapter. Please read carefully, as the gorilla may or may not caution you and send you back to page one, to start your adventure over.

IF, after reading and re-starting from page one again, you should choose to continue down the same path, please repeat.

Let’s be clear, friends... There’s something for everyone in this adventure and the outcome is up to you. We’d make this more realistic in terms of basic facts and science, if it weren’t for the fact that “essential” means something different for everyone, everywhere.

...so this particular CYOA volume has a special “except-when” built into every chapter!

Please enjoy.
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