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Cordless mouse reccomendations??

Sleepy Giant

TRIBE Member
I need a new mouse.

I was thinking about this one from FutureShop for $70

Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

* With an incredible 20x more sensitivity to surface detail, laser can track reliably even on tricky polished or wood-grain surfaces.
* Never worry about batteries again with a built-in lithium-ion battery and rapid-charging base station.
* Thumb-button controls include universal page forward and back buttons, and an application switch to quickly move between open windows.
* Illuminated 4-level battery indicator precisely monitors battery strength.
* Other features include wheel tilting for side-to-side scrolling, Cruise Control rocker for speed-scrolling up and down, and zooming with a click of the wheel.
* System Requirements: IBM Or Compatible PC, Win98/2000/ME/XP, USB Or PS/2 Port, CD-ROM Drive, Mac OS X And Later
* Included In Box: Rapid-Charging Base Station, CD With SetPoint Software, Installation Guide, USB To PS/2 Adapter, AC Power Adapter, 3 Year Limited Hardware Warranty


Anything else I should look at? I don't really want to spend anymore than $70 before taxes.
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if you're going to buy a cordless mouse, I would recommend buying the full Logitech desktop which consists of a wireless keyboard and mouse that run off the same receiver. I haven't tried the new laser devices but for $100 you should be able to find a rechargeable mouse/keyboard combo that work very well.

Just a thought, but yeah - I recommend the Logitech product.