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copyright infringement


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I have a small "company" selling things online (not a registered business, just basically me putting my used shit on a web site I made to show people)

Let's say I'm using a variation or 'mock' of another, large company's name/logo but not making any attempt to fool anyone into thinking I am them. More of a humourous thing, kinda like those tshirts that say 'Adihash" and it looks like Adidas's logo at first glance.

What are my chances of
a) said large corporation getting wind of my small web site selling stuff using a likeness/mockery of thier trademarks

b) having legal action taken for doing what I am doing

thanks, all knowing tribe
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I think it totally depends on the company you're 'spoofing' and how well circulated your business is.

Keep it small...shouldn't make a big deal.


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This seems to be the general opinion.

To be honest, I could care less if they find out and tell me shut it down (I will, without thinking twice) I just want to opportunity to shut it down upon thier request, rather than just get a letter in the mail saying I'm being sued.

Would they ask me first to take it off the net, or just persue legal action without my hearing anything first???


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One of my friends owns a rather large and wellknown website that is trademarked, and he always asks people to shut thsir sites down first before taking further action.

Hopefully you can expect the same treatment, no need to go through the expensive hassle of lawyers when you can just ASK someone first..


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bob barker's lawyers sent me a very legal cease & desist order for my homage to the price is right on ebay.

i took it all down as requested, and nothing ever became of it other than a good anecdote.

you will be fine, especially if you are fucking with american intellectual property rights.
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