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Copps - Valeri Battle it Out

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Copps and Valeri battle for East - Stoney Creek nomination

Globe and Mail Update

Stoney Creek, ON — Voting for the contentious Liberal nomination in Hamilton East - Stoney Creek got off to a raucous start today with hundreds of supporters of both camps trying hard to outshout the others.

"Tony is the future, Sheila is the past," was the chant from the side of the high school gymnasium staked out by those loyal to

Transport Minister Tony Valeri.

The reply from those aligned with Sheila Copps, the former deputy prime minister, was even louder.

"Sheila, Sheila," they shouted, pressing and shoving their placards at their opponents.

When the two candidates took the stage in advance of the vote the crevasse between them was pronounced.

"This is my home, I was born here, my father was a steelworker and my mother raised three children here in Hamilton," Mr. Valeri told the crowd.

His residence has been something of an issue in this race.

In fact, he does not actually live within the boundaries of the new riding but he hopes to represent but believes it encompasses most of the constituency he has held for 10 years. That riding was amalgamated with the Hamilton East riding held by Ms. Copps, setting up this bitter internecine feud that has pitted Mr. Valeri, a backer of Prime Minister Paul Martin, against Ms. Copps, a loyalist of Mr. Martin's predecessor Jean Chrétien.

That was a point Mr. Valeri stressed repeatedly during the brief period he was permitted to address the crowd.

"This nomination contest is also about our future, the future of our city be sure, the future of our country absolutely," he


"Today, I'm asking for your support to continue to represent this community and the renewed Paul Martin government."

Ms. Copps, who broke down in tears before the speeches while thanking those who had backed her in this fight for her political

life, was in fighting form when she took the stage. She pointed to the present three liberal senators and herb Dhaliwal,

another Chr&eacte;tien cabinet minister who was dumped by Mr. Martin, and said the Liberal party is her family.

"Welcome to the second battle of Stoney Creek," she said. "At the first battle we helped change the course of Canada and today we are going to do that again."

Some people have said she has too much experience, she told the crowd.

"How can you have too much experience?"

Ms. Copps thanked the party in 14 languages before making a special plea in Italian to the large constituency in that community before turning to Mr. Valeri and offering a few words of peace.

"Tony, whatever happens in this fight, I know we all believe in the building of our great party and we will do it together."

Voting will continue until 7 p.m. EST tonight and results will be made known soon thereafter.

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old sour puss lost, finally!!!! Hopefully that will put an end to her being in the media spot light. Move on......


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Copps may contest Valeri's victory
Last Updated Mon, 08 Mar 2004 7:35:08
HAMILTON - Long-time Liberal member of Parliament Sheila Copps says hundreds of supporters were prevented from voting for her Saturday during a nomination battle eventually won by Transport Minister Tony Valeri.

Sheila Copps

Copps said that she's weighing her options, including whether to file a complaint about alleged voting irregularities. She is also thinking about running as an independent candidate in the riding of Hamilton-Stoney Creek.

The former deputy prime minister has three days to lodge a formal complaint with the Liberal party's permanent appeals committee.

On Sunday, Copps said she wants to review the numbers before making a decision. At least 400 of her supporters were unfairly challenged at the polling booth, she said, including her mother and riding association president.

Valeri won a majority of the roughly 5,300 ballots cast. The results were announced just before midnight Saturday. An exact breakdown was not made public, but there are reports that the margin of victory was a little more than 300.

"There's no problem having a fight between Liberals," Copps told CBC News.

"When the party takes sides, that's a problem. And when the leadership selectively uses the rules to massage an outcome, that's a problem."

FROM MARCH 6, 2004: Copps loses Liberal nomination fight

Copps and Valeri squared off for the right to represent the newly created constituency because redrawn electoral boundaries wiped out the MPs' two existing Hamilton-area ridings. It appears some supporters of both candidates were unable to vote Saturday because party memberships were not transferred to the new riding, officials said.

Valeri is satisfied the nomination process was fair. Voting was extended for about three hours to allow thousands of people still in line to cast their ballots.

Tony Valeri

"This is not about, you know, winning or losing," Valeri said.

"I mean, it's like Ms. Copps said during her nomination speech, and she pointed the comment directly to me. She said: 'Regardless of the outcome of this nomination contest this evening, we all have common cause, and that common cause is building the party.'"

Although she had previously threatened to leave the Liberal party if she lost the nomination, Copps signalled the need for unity before Saturday's vote: "Tony, whatever happens in this fight, we're all believing in the building of our great party, and we'll do it together."

In his acceptance speech, Valeri acknowledged his rival: "I want to make it absolutely clear: Sheila's contribution to our community will not soon be forgotten."

FROM JAN. 29, 2004: Copps turns down offer of different riding, ready to fight it out in Hamilton East

During the past few months, Copps has accused senior Liberals of trying to push her out of politics since she challenged Paul Martin for the leadership of the party last year.

Written by CBC News Online staff