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Cool Edit problem - someone please help


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I recorded a new mix at a friends house using cool edit pro. I accidentally chose to record the file in IMA ADPCM (wav) format
Since my friend had no encoding programs I put the file on a cd in hopes of converting it when i got home.

problem starts now

I cant find any media players or encoders that support this media format.
I tried opening the file in cool edit hoping to re-save the file in another format. BUT it wont even load into cool edit.
For some reason it will play from the window (preview waveform i guess) that opens when you select 'open a file' . This is useless since i cant do anything with it.

does anyone have any ideas on how i can recover this file and make it usable -ie: somehow converting it to mp3


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In cool edit, try Importing the file instead of opening it.. if it has that option..

Or "Open As" and select your fnction.


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Adding the IMA ADPCM Codec to Windows 95.

1. In Control Panel, double-click "Add New Hardware."

2. Click Next, click No, and then click Next.

3. In the Hardware Types box, click "Sound, Video, And Game Controllers."

4. Click on "Microsoft" in the Manufacturers box and a "IMA ADPCM Audio Codec" in the Models box, and then click

5. Click the Finish button.

Source: http://home7.swipnet.se/~w-72369/codecs.htm
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Sporty Dan

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Conflicts Between 16-Bit and 32-Bit Codecs

If the 32-bit version of a codec that Windows needs to play a particular file is not installed or is disabled, Windows uses the 16-bit version of the codec if it is available. If the 32-bit version of the codec is installed, Windows uses this version by default. However, you may experience problems when both the 16-bit and 32-bit versions of a particular codec are installed on your computer.

The following 16-bit audio codecs are installed by the run-time versions of Microsoft Video for Windows, Microsoft Windows Sound System,
and many other Microsoft multimedia programs:

Microsoft ADPCM
Microsoft IMA ADPCM
DSP Group Truespeech Software

These 16-bit codecs appear in the [Drivers] section of the System.ini file. These codecs may not be displayed in the Audio Compression Codec or the Video Compression Codec branch of the Multimedia Drivers tree. To disable a 16-bit codec, remark or remove the line in the System.ini file that corresponds to that codec. After disabling the 16-bit version of the codec, you should reinstall the 32-bit version using the steps described in the "Disabled or Damaged Codecs" section of this article.

The following lines in the System.ini file correspond to the 16-bit versions of the Microsoft ADPCM, Microsoft IMA ADPCM, and DSP Group
Truespeech Software codecs, respectively:


Sporty Dan

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...also SoX can convert between a lot of different audio formats. If you are still having problems, download it. It uses it;s own codecs to convert files, so it doesn;t matter if the codec version you have installed in Windows is messed.

..... it is a command line program though, not a widows program....so it is a little......not user friendly.

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