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On this extremely monotonous day, i'm reminded at how awsome wikipedia is at taking anyone's hand and walking them, baby steps, through life's little complexities.

Case in point, the simpsons cast of reoccuring characters.

They dig deep to find the real story behind all our favorite side personalities.


Due to his habit of shooting bullets into the air, the Texan was jailed for six months when one of his bullets hit a Texas Ranger. He seems to be having difficulty adjusting to blanks.

Also, it would appear that wiki is quite adept at clearing the crud and cutting straight to some AWSOME quotes.

Drederick Tatum

Tatum: I think Homer Simpson is a good man. I like him. I have nothing against him, but I will definitely make orphans of his children.
Reporter: Uh, you know, they do have a mother, Champ.
Tatum: Yes, but I would imagine that she would die of grief.

and my personal favorite:

Sarcastic middle-aged man
The Sarcastic middle-aged man is a man with a sarcastic outlook on life. He has held numerous jobs in Springfield including Garage owner and various shop clerks. His voice is intended to resemble Charles Bronson, as seen when the Simpsons travel to Branson, Missouri. One episode gives his first name as Rafael, which Sideshow Bob called him in "Day of the Jackanapes". He often calls people, "pally".

Quotes: "Hey fatty, I got a movie for ya', A Fridge Too Far

Quotes: Homer:"What are you, a junkie or an ex-convict?' sarcastic man:"A little of both".

Quotes "So, you don't like the old time bikes huh'?"

Quotes "Do yourself a favor, invent yourself some underpants."

In one episode apparently he is called Raphael Maffia and is seen at a club with Fat Tony and others.

He's at his grandma's house while we're spraying for potato bugs!
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Yesterday on CNN they reported that more Americans were able to name the members of the Simpsons family than were able to name the fundemental rights guaranteed to them by the First Amendment.

/nelson/ HA-HA /nelson


p.s. my cat's breath smells like cat food
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Big Cheese said:

"hey ma, ya got any cookies? No dice. Dis ain't ovah."

HHAHAHA.. my favorite!


no dice!

how 'bout some cooKIES!?

no dice.

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Big Cheese

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dood, i got my mom to use that phrase, so money.

when you mother looks you in the eye and answers your question with a straight face and a "no dice". she scores that much more come mothers day, trust.


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Big Cheese said:

"hey ma, ya got any cookies? No dice. Dis ain't ovah."

Rock stars, is there anything they can't do?

Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs! What kind of kids eat Armour hot dogs? :p