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converting MAC fornts to PC


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I know its sacrilidge, but I have to do it. Any program suggestions besides Fontographer... Any small cobversion programs out there to recommend?
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TaCk OnE?

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you need a program called FONTMONGER...we used to have it at our studio.

it does postscript to truetype and back again....works very well...it was a mac program though, and I'm not sure if it exists for pcs if that's what you're using.

anyway, look into it...or do a bunch of searches for postscrip to truetype conversion...that's exactly what you're talking about, mac to pc isn't exactly correct as macs can use both, just that postscript (mac) is a better font, but that's beside the point really.


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I use "TTconverter" to convert PC TrueType fonts to Mac.

But I don't know if it works the other way around... actually I don't think it does.
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